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What are heart worms?

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I assume you are talking about heart worms in a pet. Heartworms are parasites transferred to your pet via mosquitoes. The are like spaghetti strings(actual worms) that ball up in the heart of your pet that make it difficult for your pet to breath and for the heart to work properly and if left untreated will surely result in the death of the pet. There is a treatment that your vet can administer to save your pet. But there is some risk as they use arsenic to kill the worms which also poses a threat to your pet and you must sign a waiver. At least with the treatment you have a 50/50 chance of saving your pet vs. doing nothing and your pet will surely pass. There are also preventions for heart worm that you can purchase via your vet or any department store.

2006-08-28 15:43:19
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Q: What are heart worms?
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Do worms have a heart?

Worms have five hearts.

Do worms have heart?

yes,worms have 5 hearts

Common types of worms in dogs?

Heart worms

How do heart worms move?

By sliding in a dogs heart

Can worms grow in one's heart?

No studies have shown that worms can grow in a human heart. However, heart worm is common in dogs. The worms can grow for 5-7 years in the heart. If untreated, animals can die in 1-2 days.

Is it better or worse to have worms in stool?

that is very bad... that means you have worms which can lead to heart worms and death

Can your dog get heart worms from other dogs?

Yes, but in a round about way. The way your dog might get heart worms from another dog is if the dog with heart worms is bitten by a mosquito which then bites your dog. The virus is spread by mosquitoes and not the dog itself. The article link below has more info on heart worms in dogs.

What insect has a heart?

worms they have more than one heart

Using ivomec for treating dog with heartworms?

if your dog has heart worms ivomec will kill all the worms, the worms will clog up the heart valves and kill the dog. Go to your vet for treatment, heart worms are difficult to treat and must be done over a period of time

Why do worms survive when cut in half?

worms have more than one heart

What is in a worms gizzard?

inside a worms gizzard is the guts and a piece of its heart. him<3333

Which creature has heart in head?


How do dogs get heart worms?

Heart worms may be acquired by eating the feces of an affected dog or by being bitten by an infected mosquito.

What phylum to heart worms belong?


Can a dog get heart worms from heat?

No, it can't

Your father has open wounds and has worms. Is it good to have worms?

Normally no. Maggots are sometimes used to help treat wounds, but other worms are generally a bad sign. Some bad worms are heart worms, round worms, tape worms, pin worms, and hook worms.

Is it true that worms have five hearts?

Worms have 5 hearts. Worms have an organ that behaves like a heart, an aortic arch, they have five arches.

Can pet parasites be transferred to humans?

yes like ticks and fleas and heart worms (heart worms could but rest of parasites i am sure) so be careful

What is the most frequent diagnosed form of heart disease in dogs?

Um, heart worms is the only thing I can come up with, but I'm not not that sure if it's heart worms, but dogs can get them by moskito bites, i think....

How are worms transmitted?

they eat your pets heart out then they go to another pet to eat there heart out

Where can I get heart worm meds for my dog?

You can get the heart worms meds for your dog at a vet clinic.

Will you stiil have a heart when you die?

No. If u'll die, your heart will die too. After that, it will be eaten by worms.

What are the heart like blood vessels in worms?


Does a worm have a heart?

Yes worms have 5 hearts

What part of speech is the word worms?

"Worms" can be used as a noun or a verb. As a noun: We'll pick up worms on the way to the fishing hole. As a verb: He constantly worms his way back into her heart.