What are heart worms?

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I assume you are talking about heart worms in a pet. Heartworms are parasites transferred to your pet via mosquitoes. The are like spaghetti strings(actual worms) that ball up in the heart of your pet that make it difficult for your pet to breath and for the heart to work properly and if left untreated will surely result in the death of the pet. There is a treatment that your vet can administer to save your pet. But there is some risk as they use arsenic to kill the worms which also poses a threat to your pet and you must sign a waiver. At least with the treatment you have a 50/50 chance of saving your pet vs. doing nothing and your pet will surely pass. There are also preventions for heart worm that you can purchase via your vet or any department store.

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Q: What are heart worms?
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