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What are hormones?


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chemicals secreted by the body to produce changes in physical appearance, metabolism, growth, reproductive behavior, and emotions.

Hormones are organic chemical messengers, they are protein or lipid in nature & may have several specific effects on organs & thus control a wide variety of activities. Hormones do not operate in isolation but form an integrated system.

Hormones are formed in the endocrine system. Any internally secreted compounds that affect functions of specifically receptive organs or tissues. :D

they are one of the bodies communicatioin networks btw that person is way wrong

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Endocrine glands secrete substances called hormones into the blood. They control growth, development, behaviour and reproduction.

They are drugs to make innopropiate spots to irritate and spray sperm more. For instance cows have harmones to produce more milk. Most farmers pledge not to but most lie. Harmones can also make a body bigger. For instance chickens are treated with harmones because they got 5 inches taller than 5 years before.