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Household items are any furniture or other items you would use in a house/home. A short list of these might include:


  1. large appliances, like stove, refrigerator
  2. small appliances, like toaster, toaster over, electric can opener
  3. kitchen table and chairs
  4. pots and pans
  5. dishware
  6. utensils
  7. cooking utensils
  8. measuring cups; measuring spoons
  9. garbage cans
  10. shelving units
  11. kitchen curtains


  1. bed
  2. bed linens: sheets, pillow cases
  3. blankets
  4. coverlets, quilts
  5. chest of drawers
  6. dresser
  7. night stand(s)

Living Room

  1. Television set
  2. TV wall unit
  3. shelves; wall units
  4. couch
  5. upholstered chairs
  6. coffee table
  7. stands
  8. bean bags
  9. knicknacks
  10. throw rugs
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Q: What are household items?
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