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IC stands for Integrated Circuit...It is exactly what it's name is...basically an IC consists of one or many complex circuits in compact and cheap chips which might be bulky and/or costly if realized using conventional components...ICs reduce the cost, size and portability of any kind of electronic device...ICs also have certain disadvantages such as...they cannot incorporate inductors or crystals(as oscillators)

in them... while circuits can be made by discreete conponents I C integate these components into a single silicon chip whereby the discreete conponents are shrunk to the size of a pin head. The chip inside of an IC is very small 1-2 mm while the IC maybe centimeters in size . The reason being that wire but be brought out for soldering purposes to connect to other devices.

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Which ICS form is used to document daily activities?

ICS 214

How transistor use in processor?

each ics are made of transistors.and the ics are used in processors.

How is trigonometry used in electronics?

Trigonometry is used effectively in electronics.

Has ICS been used to manage both emergency and non emergency situations?

Yes, ICS can be used to manage a large, non-emergency "event".

What is used for heat dissipation in ICs?

heat sinks

What electronics are diodes used in?

Diodes are used in all electronics, from vehicles to personal computers.

What is offered by Renesas Electronics?

Renesas Electronics Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of semiconductor devices. It also manufactures microcontrollers and application processors, as well as LCD drivers, RF ICs, mixed signal integrated circuits and system-on-a-chip semi-conductors.

What are the characteristic of computer generations?

Typically the primary hardware technology used.Vacuum tubesDiscrete transistorsICs (hybrid or monolithic)Microprocessor ICs

What is the importance of ICs and LEDs in electronics?

Integrated circuits (ICs) are an important part of electronics because they allow the compression and modularisation of more complex circuits. This has 3 major impacts on the electronics industry: # Circuits which make use of ICs will occpy less space. # Smaller circuitry allows for more efficient digital signal processing (DSP) - by effectively lowering the stray reactance and potential for noise in the circuit. # They allow big electronics companies to produce low cost electronics products for retail. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) used to be a great deal less efficient than they are now, and they can now achieve higher frequency bands. Because this technology is always on-going and red LEDs have been used for a long time in CD technology the improvement of this technology is what has prompted the BluRay as blue light gives a much higher bandwidth than red light. Note that there are still indigo and violet above blue in the colour spectrum - so BluRay is far from the close of CD technologies. LEDs are also important as indicators, and can now be used as efficient replacements for filament bulbs (given they have a better ratio of light:heat transfer).

What math used by electronics engineering?

maths has great important in electronics .

Which electronics are used in defence?

There are not only one branch of electronics is used in defense many branches are used. 1>Electronics and communication for navigation 2> Electronic and instrumentation for process and control 3>Electrical and electronics for weapons like tank and other.

What can carbon be used for?

CARBON is used for... ELECTRONICS.

What is FEMA ICS?

FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency, a bureau within the Department of Homeland Security. The ICS is the Incident Command System that is used for emergencies.

How is electronics used in thermal power plants?

Electronics are used in thermal power plants when the power from the thermal power plants are transferred to a storage source. There, electronics comes in.

What are marine electronics best used for?

Marine electronics are best used for items that would be ruined if used in or near salt water. Marine electronics are almost always waterproof, as well as water resistant.

What is the difference between an analog ic and a digital ic?

digitals ICs output either a high, +5v DC, or a low 0v. The outputs of digital ICs or on-off-on-on-off....etc. Analog ICs output waves in forms of sine, tri, basically anything but Square waves. Analog ICs usually used to regulate, amplify, filter, existing waves comming into its inputs. The digital ICs output a on-off signal based on what signals you give it. Analog ICs are not absolute, they are used in almost every design. Don't know where these other people got there info from, like they are based on PCB boards, wrong, they are based on silicon wafers they look exactly like digital ICs. Sure these Analog ICs may include some digital circuityry but their output is always analog and they are used in almost EVERY electronic/electrical device

What is the study of electronics called?

Electronics is not a small field the area of electronics is very vast and it can named several ways according to it's area.every field is called engineering. Electronics and communication is used for communicating and electronics devices Electronics and instrumentation is used for measurement and measuring tools development. But all are called engineering.

Describe consumer electronics?

It is defined as the electronics products which is used for the daily day today life or used by the peoples most frequently used.

What is the best meaning for this suffix -ics?

pertaining to

ICS-100 test answers? Which position is the only one that is always staffed in ICS applications

Are rubies used in electronics?


Ics 200 final exam?

ics form 201

Choose the best meaning for this suffix. -ics?

The study of.

What is meant by control electronics?

Control electronics are devices like remote controls. Control electronics are used to control other electronic devices

What are electronics engineering results used for?

== == For a myriad of electronics gadgets to flying the moon. These days even a simple oven conatains some electronics.