What are ic's used for in electronics?

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2009-04-18 13:10:14

IC stands for Integrated Circuit...It is exactly what it's name

is...basically an IC consists of one or many complex circuits in

compact and cheap chips which might be bulky and/or costly if

realized using conventional components...ICs reduce the cost, size

and portability of any kind of electronic device...ICs also have

certain disadvantages such as...they cannot incorporate inductors

or crystals(as oscillators)

in them... while circuits can be made by discreete conponents I

C integate these components into a single silicon chip whereby the

discreete conponents are shrunk to the size of a pin head. The chip

inside of an IC is very small 1-2 mm while the IC maybe centimeters

in size . The reason being that wire but be brought out for

soldering purposes to connect to other devices.

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