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What are ice caps?

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Ice caps are areas of frozen water or gases that are created by the colder conditions near a planet's poles.

In Earth's case, its tilt compared to its orbit gives us seasons, but the shallow angle of sunlight (plus the higher albedo or reflectivity of snow) means that there are large, permanently frozen ice caps in Greenland and in Antarctica.

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What does ice caps look like?

Ice caps look like towers of ice.

Are there crops on the polar ice caps?

No, nothing grows on ice caps.

What is a planet that has polar ice caps?

Earth has polar ice caps.

Does Triton have ice caps?

No, Triton does not have ice caps. Instead, the entire surface of Triton is ice.

Are there polar ice caps on Mars?

Yes, there are polar ice caps on Mars.

Does Saturn have ice caps?

No. Saturn does not have a surface on which ice caps could form.

Why can't you get water from ice caps?

it's because ice caps are frozen.

Which of these planets has ice caps at its poles?

Mars and Earth have ice caps at their poles.

Do Polar ice caps contain salt?

No, there is no salt in glaciers or ice caps.

Are polar ice caps freshwater?

yes polar ice caps are freshwater

Ice what are ice caps made of?

of ice

Is the ice caps in the north pole or south pole?

The ice caps are in the North Pole.

Do humans live in the polar ice caps?

no, they don't live in polar ice caps.

What planet has rings of ice and dirt caps?

Earth has ice caps. And lots of dirt.

Does Saturn have polar ice caps?

It has a North pole and a South pole, but no "ice" caps.

What is a creative title for your ice caps project but it has to be like in children form?

Ice caps - the Earth's ice cream.

Do caribou live in the ice caps?

No. Caribou live on the tundra, not the ice caps. There is no vegetation that caribou can eat on ice-caps, thus they are only able to live on the tundra.

What is a good sentence for icecaps?

Ice caps is two words, not one.Some example sentences are:Ice caps are masses of ice which cover a large area of land.The oceans will rise, causing global flooding, if the ice caps melt entirely.The Arctic ice caps are dangerously melting faster than anticipated.Ice caps are very cold.Many unique species of animals and microbes live in the ice caps.Further InformationIce caps on Wikipedia (click)Ice caps on National Geographic (click)

What causes polar ice caps to melt?

Melting of the ice caps Global warming causes the ice caps to melt. As they melt, the moving water corrodes at the remaining ice, speeding up the process.

What planet has polar ice caps 100 percent water ice?

no idea but the moon with 100% ice caps is europa

Of what are Mars' ice caps made?

Ice caps are made out of Carbon Dioxide on Mars.

What is the state of matter of the ice caps on the North Pole?

The ice caps at the North Pole are solid.

Why did land bridges disappear?

Shrinking of the polar ice caps Recession of glaciers and ice caps

Why does the melting of the ice caps lower the concentration of salt in the ocean?

The ice caps are made of freshwater.

Does methane gas cause melting ice caps?

Methane is being released from melting ice caps. Ice caps are melting from higher tempetures from green house gases

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