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What are idioms for a hippo?

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I've never heard of an idiom for a hippopotamus - idioms are usually used to represent actions or human situations, not animals.

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What is a verbal idioms?

idioms that you can say

What sites have idioms written in them?

The Idiom Connection - Alphabetical list of idioms. Funky English Idioms - Big list of idioms with example sentences.

What are idioms in poetry?

idioms are parts of speches

Are there any idioms about space?

Yes their are many idioms about space!

What is the shelf life of the Idioms?

Whar is the shelf life of the " Idioms "

Why is the happy hippo kinda bar called happy hippo?

because the hippo is happy they wouldnt call it a sad hippo if the hippo was smiling :)

How do you use idioms?

Idioms are used to make speech more interesting.

Why are idioms used?

Idioms are used to make conversation more interesting.

How do you use the word 'idioms' in a sentence?

what are sentence of idiom

Are idioms complete sentences?

Not always. Sometimes idioms are just phrases.

What are examples of idioms used in sentences?

See this question for examples of idioms.

Pictures of idioms?

Idioms are literary terms and tools. These idioms represent different things to different people and pictures will vary from person to person.

What do you mean by idioms in Tagalog?

funky == Idioms in tagalog word is Kawikaan or Sawikain.

Why were idioms invented?

Idioms are created to make conversation more vivid and interesting.

What American Literature has idioms?

I've never read a book that didn't have idioms in it.

What are some books with idioms in them?

There are quite a few books with idioms in them. Some that help teach kids about idioms include "Why The Banana Split" and "More Parts."

What is a possessed hippo?

a crazy hippo

What is bigger walrus or hippo?


How heavier hippo and rhino?


What is bigger a hippo or the buffalo?

The hippo

What is a hippo female?

a hippo which is a girl

What is bigger a crocodile or a hippo?

a hippo

Who is heavier rhino or hippo?


What is the Latin name of hippo?

The two living species of hippo are the Nile Hippo (Hippopotamus amphibius) and the Pygmy Hippo (Hexaprotodon liberiensis).

What is a hippo joke-?

A good hippo joke is what would you call an insecure hippo? The answer is a hippocrite.

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