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What are idler pulleys?


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== == it is a free pulley that works as a tensioner on any belt bolted to hold or spring loaded

An idler pulley usually tensions a belt.. eg supercharger belt is kept taut by its respective idler pulley

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Idler pulleys are used to maximize belt contact with other pulleys and to redirect belt around other parts that might interfere with the belt.

They very in price, depending on the car, from around $12 to $80.

there is one, but two if you count your belt tensoiner.

only if the idler arm will not hold the tension on the belt and the pulley needs replaced when the are warn sharp or warn flat

The engine usually has an idler and/or tensioning pulley as well as a few pulleys that use the power of a traveling serpentine belt to drive components such as the alternator, a/c pump, etc. Any of the pulleys that have one or more grooves that assist to guide the belt(s) are, technically, sheaves. Idler or tensioner pulleys that are completely flat because the flat back of the belt rides on them are not sheaves, but are pulleys.

Take it to the dealer! It's not a job for the timid or any shop that doesn't know what they are doing. Make sure you get the idler pulleys and automatic tensioner replace along with the timing belt. If the bearings seize in those idler pulleys it will ruin the belt and in turn take out your engine.

In automotive terms, There are drive pulleys such as the drive pulley mounted to the crankshaft on most engines. There are driven pulleys such as an alternator, power steering, water pump, a/c compressor and all the accessories driven by the drive pulley. There are idler pulleys and tensioner pulleys. There are timing belt pulleys. And for non automotive related terms, There are block and tackle pulley systems. There are pulley hoists. Wire rope pulley blocks. Cable pulleys. Rope pulleys.

take pressure off the belt by pulling back the spring tensioner. Remove old belt, put the new belt on all the pulleys but the idler pulley, pull the tensioner back slip belt on to idler, Look to make sure you have the belt on all pulleys good, your done.

Worn or incorrect belt. Defective, glazed idler or pulleys.

Use a "straight edge" to make sure that the "valley" area (where the belt rides) is in alignment with the other pulleys

The water pump and timing components should be replaced at intervals specified by manufacturer and you may replace just the idler pulley.

Disengage the idler arm lever ( it is a spring loaded arm located on your deck on left side). There is a bracket that holds it in place. Push arm forward over bracket then carefully allow arm to release all the way back. This will remove tension from belt. Then simply slide belt over pulleys keeping track of how they are aligned on pulleys. When installing new belt be sure belt is aligned in both front pulleys and be sure all belts are set in pulleys before reengaging idler arm lever.

Between the power steering pump and the water pump. The only one of two pulleys that is smooth versus grooved.

remove deck...remove pto clutch and both idler pulleys and u should be able to put on

AnswerCheck yoru idler pulley, it is the only pulley that really moves with the belt. Sometimes the spring behind or built into the idler pulley weaken.

Open the hood. Now look at all the pulleys. The one that is not connected to any component and is not driving anything, is the idler tensioner pulley.

I would first look at the fan belt or belts. This is the most common cause but you could have other problems including worn idler pulleys.

7, Power steering Pump, Air Conditioning Compressor, Water pump, Crankshaft, Idler, Alternator, Belt Tensioner

Check your bearing on the shaft. Check pulleys for alignment also check bearing on idler clutch pulley.

Idler and tensioner pulleys, cam and crank oil seals and pays to do water pump also if it is driven from the timing belt.

Manual says 110000 miles or 10 years but earlier is safer along with renewing the water pump and idler/tensioner pulleys.

If it is not your belt, check your pulleys and tensioner. It also depends on what type of vehicle you have. Sometimes the idler pulley will screech. Hope this helps.

If there isn`t a drawing of the belt system make one to insure the new belt is on correctly.. Using a socket or large wrench on the Idler pulley located lower right of the PS pump lift the pulley it is spring loaded, slide the belt off all the pulleys it services. There is one brace to remove to completely remove and replace the belt. Place the new belt as per diagram on all the pulleys idler included. Lift the idler pulley to remove spring tension and slip the belt on to the Alternator Pulley. Make certain that the belt is lined correctly in the groves on the pulleys before starting. GOOD LUCK. Joe.

you have another pulley and that the tensioner pulley and it is spring loaded and it keeps the belts and pulleys tighten .If its bad it will cause that sound

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