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What are immoral deeds?


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A deed can not become moral or immoral because we consider them so. It is beyond the way we feel some thing good or bad. A deed of moral has to pass that bill in the court of nature. A deed defined through a set of rules is immoral at the first place.

immoral deeds are the deeds which have one or more contradictions with the law of nature. Therefore a moral deeds do not go against the law of nature in any way.


  1. Feeling love for the child is moral [because it is natural], feeling hate for the child is immoral [ because it is unnatural]. It is ok and moral to feel no love for a child who is not yours.
  2. Having sex with agreement is moral [if anything constructive happens it is only when there is agreement among the member elements. This is the law of nature. Raping is immoral, because even animals do not have forceful sex breeding season has to come.


Immoral deeds are actions that violate the moral code in any given population. Immoral deeds are those that intend to harm, that violate ethical and legal standards of conduct, that interfere with the well being of a community and its inhabitants. On a universal scale immoral deeds are actions that violate human rights.