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What are indentical twins?

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Identical twins, or in-fraternal twins, are the offspring that look exactly alike and are of the same gender, sharing the same exact genetic information.

In-fraternal twins occur when a fertilized ovum (egg) has divided and each went on to become an embryo containing exact same genetic information.

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Non indentical twins?

Fraternal twins.

What are three different types of multiple pregnancies?

Identical twins, fraternal twins and semi- indentical

Does the father contribute to indentical twins?

Sure, same as for a single birth.

Can twin fraternal girls be indentical?

No; if twins are fraternal then they can't be identical.

Are vin and paul diesel indentical?

No, Vin Diesel and his brother Paul Vincent are not identical twins. They are fraternal twins. Vin is a well known actor. His brother is not in the entertainment business.

What is a unique theme for a baby shower for twins?

Hi there, it all depends on if the twins are indentical or not or the same sex. I love the idea of little disney characters, like minnie and mickey mouse!

Do indentical twins have the same hair colour?

Yes - they are genetically identical, which includes hair color. They can of course dye their hair, however.

Why are identical twins the same as clones?

Bear in mind that no two individuals are exactly the same. However, seeing that indentical twins result from the same fertilized egg with the same sperm, they are essentially clones of each other.

What is indentical?

There is no word identical. There is the word identical, which means exactly equal and alike. Identical twins have the same genetic make up and are similar in appearance.

The DNA fingerprints of fraternal twins will be the same?

No, faternal twins are created from two different egg cells. They have some similar genetic information however. Indentical twins on the other hand, would have identical fingerprints since they are created within one egg cell.

How can there be indentical twins in triplets?

If a woman has two eggs that are fertilized and one of those eggs split, you will get one unique set of chromosomes and a pair of identical chromosomes.

How are indentical twins made?

when one egg is released and it splits into two then four then eight but the eight splits into two sets of four and then when it is fertilized they are identical twins but if when they split into two sets of four one doesnt split properly that is when the twins can be joined by any part of ther body from skull to hips to feet

How is your DNA similar to your siblings DNA?

All people have diffrent types of DNA (exept 4 indentical twins) but the way that you be able to contrast your DNA and your siblings DNA in to see which one has more of a biological connection to the mother or more a connevcion to the father.

How do you spell indentical?

The likely word is the adjective identical (the same in appearance).

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