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What are indigo dyes and how are they made?

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Indigo is a distince blue color, and the dyes have a long history of manufacture and use. Certainly there are synthetically manufactured today as opposed to being made with Indigo tinctoria and I. suifruticosa and other legumes as they were "back in the day" when they were first being used. Links are provided to a couple of articles posted by our friends at Wikipedia, where knowledge is free.

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What is dye made out of?

Today, synthetic dyes are made from petroleum and coal products. However, plants, such as the indigo plant, was used once to dye materials and clothes. Synthetic dyes are cheaper to make than dyes from plants.

What plant dyes your jeans blue?


Are pigments natural?

Pigments that are made from plants and plant dyes are considered to be natural. Some examples are indigo, ultrmarine, ochres, and some reds and yellows.

Why is indigo in carolina so important?

Indigo is a plant that dyes fabric blue. Eliza Lucas Pinckney developed indigo as an important cash crop for South Carolina starting in 1739.

Who brought indigo to the southern colonies?

Indigo, which was used to make dyes for clothing, , was brought to the southern colonies of British North America and made profitable by Eliza Luckas Pinckney in the middle eighteenth century.Indigo, an indigenous commodity of the Middle East and South Asia, was brought to South Carolina by Pinckney, but had been cultivated in the New World at much earlier dates. Pinckey's significant contribution came in establishing a production that allowed indigo to be cultivated and produced into dyes en masse. Like contemporary plantations of the American southern colonies, indigo was cultivated with slave labor.

What was indigo used for?

Indigo dye is an organic compound with a distinctive blue color extracted from plants, and this process was important economically because blue dyes were once rare.

What ancient people known for there phonetic alphebet and their deep indigo dyes once ruled Cyprus?


Why indigo dyes each fiber to different extent?

it depends on the specific way you dye it and dry it. lol

What are insect dyes?

Dyes made from the shells of insects, such as cochineal, a red dye made from cockroaches

What has the author Shihoko Fukumoto written?

Shihoko Fukumoto has written: 'Shades of indigo blue' -- subject(s): Dyes and dyeing, Exhibitions, Indigo, Textile fibers 'Shihoko Fukumoto'

What shrub does indigo come from?

Indigo can be extracted from certain plants such as the Indigofera species. It can also be extracted from woad (Isatis tinctoria) and dyer's knotweed(Polygonum tinctorum), and can be obtained from the sea creatures known as Phoenician Sea Snails. However, most indigo dyes are now made synthetically.For more information see 'Related Links' below.

Which plants and vegetables make dyes?

Safflower, beets, blueberries, red onion skins, brown onion skins, Indigo...

Where does the word indigo come from?

The plant indigofera tinctorial was the source of deep blue dye before synthetic dyes were developed.

How do you get Darkrai in Pokemon indigo?

You cant. He was not made yet when Indigo came out

What are the effects of henna on hair and skin?

it dyes your skin Orange or red and it depend on what type henna it usually turns your hair brown or indigo

What plant was used to make dye?

There are a large number of plant based dyes. But if you are studying the history of the American colonies, you are probably looking for Indigo.

Were dyes used during biblical days?

They were. They were, of course, natural dyes made from berries, barks and animal.

What color is indigo blue?

Link provided below. Historically, indigo blue was called ROYAL BLUE. When indigo dyes were first brought to Europe from India in the Middle Ages, it was so expensive that only royalty could afford it. And it was actually a punishable crime to be caught wearing anything indigo blue if you weren't royalty. I was believe the punishment was death.

What is organic dye?

dyes that are not man made

What is the difference between natural and unnatural dyes?

Natural dyes are found in nature (for example using beetroot to dye something purple) unnatural dyes are man-made.unnatural dyes are made up of chemicals or other substances.......

Are indigo and violet are same?

No. Indigo is a blue derived from the dye made from the indigo plant, violet is a shade of the secondary colour purple.

What is green dye made of?

Blue and Yellow dyes

What is pen ink made out of?

It's made out of synthetic dyes and other stuff.

Are red dyes made from female beetles?

No, it is made from a formula, called C2OH.

What was economy like in colonial Georgia?

The economy is descent in Georgia. Farmers mainly planted indigo, a plant that make purple dyes in clothing. Tobacco, and rice.