What are instructional comics?

Essentially the same as educational comics. the comic-book technique is used to give lessons, in for example how to operate a milling machine or lathe. The idea is easily understood and illustrated so the correct operating skill can be picked up. They have been ridiculed on the grounds of an (Easy Out) to illiteracy but the ready access to job skills would over ride this, they do have text but comic-like panels. they have been done mainly on machine-shop skills and were very popular in World War II period with a ready need to instruct new employees. There were also, related (safety sam) cartoons (usually in cardboard sign form) illustrating both correct and unsafe work practices. It is stretching things to call either of these comics, they were not intended to be humorous. Some humor was injected in the Safety Sam to lighten the load, but the use of picture illustrations to get the basics of tool operations into the hands of the workers- is an old and useful one. Ina much darker vein the U.S. Army and presumably Marines used instructional pamphlets (essentially the same thing) but themed to teach firearms operation to natives of the Philippines. They have illustrations of how to take out the magazine, load cartridges, aim, set the sights, and fire away! The anthropologist Margaret Mead was horrified by this (Cultural contamination) even if there was a military need to teach the natives firearms skills. So there are several examples. Many armed forces pamphlets were in cartoon form , how to dodge chemical contamination- slit trench 80% safe (what about the unfortunate 20% who were hyper sensitive to say, gas.