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An endoskeleton
an internal skeleton is what humans, and most animals have. the bones are on the inside of the body.


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Yes, they do in deed. It's just like how us, humans, also have internal skeletons. Therefore, internal skeletons have bones.

Orangutans are mammals who have internal skeletons.

No plants have internal skeletons

Lobsters do not have internal skeletons, but they do have external skeletons (exoskeleton), which are their shells.

Insects do not have internal skeletons, the have Exo-Skeletons.

Arthropods use external skeletons (exoskeletons).

All mammals are vertebrates with internal skeletons.

Echinoderms have internal skeletons.

Ants are not vertebrates. They do not have internal skeletons.

All mammals have internal skeletons (called endoskeletons) because an internal skeleton provides support and aids the muscular system in that muscles are attached to bones and can be better moved with the help of bones.

Yes they do lay eggs and yes they do have internal skeletons.

Yes. It is just that they, like other insects, have exoskeletons (external skeletons like suits of armor), rather than endoskeletons (internal skeletons like you and I have).

Reptiles are vertebrates as they have backbones and internal skeletons.

No. Eels have internal skeletons of bone and cartilage.

No, polar bears have internal skeletons.

No, they're not. Insects don't have internal skeletons.

A Vertebrate. An animal without an internal skeleton is called an Invertebrate.

An In-vertebrate. As in, they are not vertebrates at all. Ants are arthropods and have external skeletons, while vertebrates such as dogs, have internal skeletons

Jellyfish do not have any sort of skeleton.

Yes, like all other vertebrates, snakes skeletons are internal.

No, a fern is a plant. Animals with internal skeletons (bones) are vertebrates.

No cicadas are insects with no backbone or internal skeletons therefore they are not vertebrates.

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