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What are international collector's library books?


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September 18, 2008 4:06PM

The International Collectors Library was a book club series published by Doubleday Publishin Co of Garden City, New York. The books are inexpensive reprints of great literature. The covers are made from faux Leather and nicely decorated. The quailty of the books is rather on the inexpensive side. The paper used was highly acidic and very prone to yellowing. The faux leather used for the covers did not age well and would crack easily along the fold (I can attest to this personally, I own and I am now reading "The Robe", by Lloyd Douglas) and the spline is completely detatched (thanks Elmers). The pages are gilded in gold along the top, as well as gilding impressed on the cover and spline adding a nice decorative touch. The books also includ a sewn in satin book mark.