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# Children Shouldnt Have A Job A 11 12 Or 13

# Children Shouldnt Have A Job A 11 12 Or 13

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โˆ™ 2010-05-16 08:34:38
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Q: What are jobs that kids get paid for?
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What are all the jobs that kids can do?

They can't have a proper job but they can be paid to do jobs such as washing cars and house keeping at home.

Why can't kids get cool jobs?

kids can't have jobs because long ago kids would be working so hard to not get paid or be paid very little so parents were not happy and then the law was past that young kids can't have jobs but i think if your in middle school you can get a job lisence or permit and you can work only 11 hrs a week.

What jobs did women do in the factories and what did they do about their children while they worked and how much did they get paid?

KIDS GOT PAID 1s. and 5d. a week

What are some jobs for kids 10-12?

maybe being a meany and getting paid for it

What are the high paid jobs?

High paid jobs are jobs in which your salary is high per month..

Do kids in Tanzania have jobs?

do kids have jobs in Tanzania

How much do the middle colonies get paid for jobs?

they got paid gold for the jobs that they did the silversmiths got paid the most

What are the highest paid physician and surgeon jobs?

The highest paid jobs are cardiologists and neurosurgeons == ==

Does Steve Jobs have kids?

Yes, Steve Jobs has 4 kids.

What are some fast ways to earn money for kids?

there are quite alot of things for kids to do they can: make lemonade and sell it they can do jobs round the house do jobs for other people and get paid dependiing on how old the 'kid' is they could get a paper round hope i help :)

What is well paid jobs?

A job where you get well paid.

Do some kids get paid to go to school?

No, there are no kids that get paid to go to school.

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