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The fuel injection main relay can be faulty (develops solder cracks in the circuit board) causes no-start on hot days Fuel pumps are very reliable on these cars, as are the ECU, fuel injectors, injector resistors, etc.

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Q: What are known issues with the 1992 Honda Accord fuel system?
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What exactly is a pre owned Honda Accord?

Honda is a well-known automobile company that produces different makes and models of cars. The Accord is one of the car models they produce. A pre-owned Honda Accord is a Honda Accord that has been previously owned by another person. This differs from a Brand new Honda Accord in that is usually already has mileage on it and may or may not show some signs of usage.

What car company known for models like the accord and civic?


Instead of a Hyundai Accent can a Honda Accord 1992 be a better option?

A 1992 Honda Accord may be a better option than a Hyundai Accent of the same year because Honda Accord vehicles are known for their reliability. A 1992 Hyundai Accent would require more repairs than an Accord of the same age.

Is the Honda Accord a very reliable car?

Yes, the Honda Accord is known for its safety features and performance. It will be reliable as long as you take good care of it and keep up on maintenance as per manufacturer request.

What are some of the characteristics of the 2001 Honda Accord?

The 2001 Honda Accord is known as a reliable, yet relatively inexpensive vehicle. It features a four cylinder engine, automatic transmission, and economical city and highway gas mileage.

What car company known for models like the Accord and Civic was officially created on this day in 1948?


What car company known for models like the accord and civic was officially created in this day in 1948?


What are some known problems with the Honda CRF 150?

The most commonly reported problem or issue with the Honda CRF 150 seems to be starting it. There are known issues in the difficulty starting the bike.

How many times has the Honda Accord been voted one of the Ten Best Cars by Car and Driver magazine?

The Car and Driver magazine voted the Honda Accord as one of the ten best cars available for purchase over ten times. It is in the class of vehicles known as family sedans.

What size Speakers for a 1992 Honda accord lx?

that generation accord should use 6.5 speakers in the front and rear but sometimes the back have been known to have 6x9 but that is usually found in the 93 i believe the anniversay edition

Why would a Honda Accord when first starting to drive it starts fine and runs fine for a while but then the tach starts to bounce and then the engine shuts off?

I suspect a bad distributor. Honda distributors have been known to fail.

Is Honda the make of the car?

Honda is better known in the United States for making reliable sedans like the Civic and Accord, but the firm actually got its start making motors to attach to bicycles shortly after World War II

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Why is your 91 handa accord reving up the stopping in 1st it goes fast then stops and goes again?

check your carborator cause those are known to go bad on honda's and cause that problem and if its not that then its your vacuum line

What are the known issues with the Cadillac XLR?

There are many known issues with the Cadillac XLR. Some of these issues include rear visibility, no cargo room, door issues, and electrical problems as well.

What could be wrong with my 2003 accord radio lights they aren't working all other lights are?

Failure of the display on 2003 and later Accord radio/CD players is evidently common. Because it's a commonly known defect Honda should replace the radio free even if it's out of warranty. That's a VERY good thing because the radio/CD changer itself will apparently set you back about $800 just for the new part from Honda.

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Yes. Basel Accord was formulated at Bank Of International Settlement whose office is in Basel Switzerland.

Why is the SRS light on after a wheel alignment service is done on your 2000 Honda Accord EX?

Possible air bag system malfunctioning. Take the car back to where the work was done, and have them look at it. The alignment service was just a coincidence. This is a known problem and Honda issued a TSB on this. Simply take your car to your local Honda dealer and tell them about the SRS light and remind them that there is a TSB on the issue. Your dealer should replace the OPDS sensor at no charge, regardless of age or mileage, as a goodwill gesture. I had this done recently and it is has worked beautifully.

Why is circulatatry system known as transport system?

why is circulatory system known as transport system

Does honda car have metal chain?

There is a metal chain on a Honda car. This is also known as a timing belt.

Are there any known issues with PSPs?

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What is Supplemental Restraint System on Honda accord 2000?

SRS = Supplemental Restraint System - the air bag or air bags in the car that supplement the safety belt and other arrangements (such as choice of materials in dashboard etc, etc...). See "... The air bag is part of an inflatable system, also known as an restraint system (ACRS) or an air bag supplemental restraint system (SRS), because the air bag is designed to supplement the protection offered by seat belts. Seat belts are still needed..."