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I wouldn't go any larger than 15 inch rims mate, but 14s would fit perfect :) hope that helps!

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Where can one purchase Peugeot 306 Alloys?

One can purchase Peugeot 306 Alloys from Peugeot or any stock tires sales company. These companies may include Wheel Base Alloys stores or even on Ebay.

Do Peugeot 106 alloys fit on Peugeot 206 wheels?


What alloys can you fit on a 306?

Will 4x100 alloys fit onto Peugeot 306

Wll for 4 stud alloys filt a Peugeot 306?

yes As long as the 4stud alloys came off another peugeot or citroen then definitely if not then you'd need to check the spacings of the holes as different maufacturers have slightly different fitments.

Where can one purchase Peugeot 206 Alloys online?

The Peugeot 206 alloy wheels can be purchased in various sites on the web as well as specific stores. The noteworthy sites are 1st Choice, Wheel Base Alloys, and the United Kingdom site Carsite.

What are the names of some websites that sell Peugeot alloys?

The following websites sell Peugeot alloys: Gum Tree, Pre Loved UK, Car Site, E Bay Autos, Wheel Worx, Piston Heads, Kal Tires, and Coast 2 Coast Wheels.

Will nova alloys fit citroen saxo?

no,peugeot and ford only but the offsets on ford will give u arch rubbing!

Where can one find information about Peugeot alloy wheels online?

AllowyWheels, AutoAlloys and WheelBaseAlloys all have dedicated sections for Peugeot alloy wheels. eBay has listings for used and new alloys and can ship internationally.

Why alloy is important to us?

it is important to us because if we did not have alloys then we would not have half the periodic table because most elements make alloys and without them we would not have alloys

What does XL stand for on Peugeot 306?

it does mean much its just things like the trims, alloys and things like that, that are different from other models of the 306

Why are airplanes made from aluminium alloys?

Because aluminum alloys are very light without sacrificing much strength and oxidize very slowly.

Do i need spacers for my fox racing 15 inch alloys to fit on my peugeot 306 and where can i get them?

I got those spacers from eBay for my 15" wheels,very cheap

What are 2 different alloys and explain what they are made out of?

1 Alloys of magnesium2 Alloys of aluminum3 Alloys of potassium4 Alloys of iron5 Alloys of cobalt6 Alloys of nickel7 Alloys of copper8 Alloys of gallium9 Alloys of silver10 Alloys of tin11 Rare earth alloys12 Alloys of gold13 Alloys of mercury14 Alloys of lead15 Alloys of bismuth16 Alloys of zirconiumBUT I AM SURE WHAT THEY ARE MADE OF I HOPE THIS HELPS :)

Name 10 alloy metals?

The below is according to Wikipedia.1 Alloys of aluminium2 Alloys of bismuth3 Alloys of cobalt4 Alloys of copper5 Alloys of gallium6 Alloys of gold7 Alloys of indium8 Alloys of iron9 Alloys of lead10 Alloys of magnesium11 Alloys of mercury12 Alloys of nickel13 Alloys of potassium14 Alloys of plutonium15 Rare earth alloys16 Alloys of silver17 Alloys of titanium18 Alloys of tin19 Alloys of uranium20 Alloys of zinc21 Alloys of zirconiumFor the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section ( indicated directly below this answer section.

Types of alloys?

Alloys are a combination of two or more materials that can be metallic and non-metallic. Different types of alloys are stainless steel alloys, aluminum alloys, and brass alloys. Other types of alloys are copper, cobalt, zinc, gold, and lead alloys.

What is cast alloys?

Cast alloys are alloys that are cast in a cast.

How many studs are on a Peugeot 106 1998 Zest 2's wheel as i need this information when looking for alloys?

FOUR! Three stud hubs were dropped in 1995/6 models

Difference between ferrous alloys and non-ferrous alloys?

compositionally a ferrous alloy contains Fe in some form - so steels, stainless steels are Ferrous alloys Non Ferrous alloys include copper alloys such as brass and bronze; aluminum alloys and titanium alloys for aerospace applications and many others. These alloys DO NOT contain iron

Where are alloys found?

alloys are found in Iraq

What is LEGO VIP?

Lego VIP alloys you to purchase Lego items without spending real money

Compare and contrast the two types of metal alloys?

There are many more than two types of metal alloys. There are aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, magnesium, iron (steel); there are alloys of pretty much any metal out there

Are alloys compounds elements or mixtures?

Alloys are mixtures

How do non precious alloys compare with precious alloys?


What are malleble alloys?

A malleable alloy is an alloy (mixture of metals) than can be easily shaped by tools without shattering.

Do alloys rust?

Yes, some iron alloys can rust.

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