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What are leadership qualities taught in the movie Patton?

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Who played patton in the movie?

George C. Scott played the role of George S. Patton in the movie Patton

In the movie Patton why was General Patton relieved of his command?

Slapping a Soldier Patton is relieved of command for slapping a shell-shocked soldier in an Army hospital.

What role did Karl Malden play in the movie Patton?

General Omar Bradley Karl Malden plays General Omar Bradley in the 1970 movie Patton.

What did Patton call his dog in the movie Patton?

Willie (originally William, after William the Conqueror, but the dog scared easily).

In what year did the movie Patton premiere?

1970 Patton is a 1970 biographical war film about U.S. General George S. Patton during World War II.

What is the theme song for the movie Patton?

It doesn't really have a "song".

What actor was slapped on the movie Patton?

Tim Considine was the name of the actor who played the role of the soldier (Charles Kuhl) who was slapped by Patton .

What is the name of the sequel to the movie Patton?

The Last Days of Patton A made-for-television sequel, The Last Days of Patton, was produced in 1986. Scott reprised his title role. The movie was based on Patton's final weeks after being mortally injured in a car accident, with flashbacks of Patton's life.

What was the name of the book quoted by General Patton in the movie Patton at the very end of the movie?

It was not a quote from a book, but rather an recitation on the History of Rome, from his own studies. The point being the fleeting nature of glory.

What is a prize winning movie?

Patton won best film oscar honors in its day.

Who played Eisenhower in the movie Patton?

No one played Eisenhower in the movie "Patton," because Eisenhower was never shown. Ike died in 1969 and his family, including widow Mamie, hated Patton because of his remarks about Ike's leadership during the war. The family refused to allow the movie (filmed in 1969-70) to have any actor portray Eisenhower, hence, Ike's deputy, Gen. Beedle Smith (portrayed by Edward Blinn) is always referring to Ike, but he is never shown. In the scene at Verdun on Dec. 19, 1944, just after the German breakthrough in the Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge) Beedle Smith is asking who can break through to Bastogne. In reality, it was Ike leading the conference who asked that question. It is true that Patton had forseen the possibility of a German breakthrough in the Ardennes three days earlier and had planned for three possible attacks against the Germans if they came through.

Which movie of 1970 won Academy Award?

The Academy Award for Best Picture of 1970 went to "Patton."

Who played George S Patton in the movie Patton?

George C. Scott George C. Scott's performance won him an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1971. He famously refused to accept it --the first actor, though not the last, to do so.

How many people has Jackie Chan taught martial arts to?

Jackie Chan has not specifically taught any one martial arts although he has taught many people different moves when they are making a movie.

Who wrote the screenplay for the movie Patton?

Francis Ford Coppola wrote the first versions some years before and is given credit.

Who starred in the movie Entrapment?

The cast of the movie Entrapment include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sean Connery, Ving Rhames, Maury Chaykin, Will Patton, Kevin McNally, and Terry O'Neill.

What is the interrelationship between leadership and management?

Leadership is more about inspiration and set the pace. A recent busienss documentary '' The YES Movie '' by Louis Lautman, successful entrepreneurs share their views on leadership, personal development. <a href=http://www.theyesmovie.com>www.TheYESmovie.com</a>

What movie has the theme of leadership?

Obviously Mulan, which seems to be an Oriental take off on Joan of Arc.

Who is rufio?

Rufio was the charachter who challenged Peter Pan for the leadership of the Lost Boys. This was in the movie, Hook.

What was voted the best movie of all time?

There has never been a rating to classify movies on their qualities.

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