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When lethal genes are present in the organism's chromosomes, the organism is unable to survive. Semi Lethal genes are harmful to the organism but does not cause Death. E.g Huntington Chorea in human

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Do autosomes have lethal recessive genes?

Yes. Autosomes CAN have lethal recessive genes, but that does not mean they always contain recessive mutations.

Genes that cause abnormal development and the death of an individual are called?

Genes that cause abnormal deveolpment and the death of an individual are called? lethal genes

Why do lethal genes still exist in populations?

because its a free country

Why are lethal dominant alleles so much more rare than lethal recessive alleles?

Because lethal dominant alleles typically kill the carrier before they can pass the genes to their offspring.

What is the lethal gene in hamsters?

With most lethal genes in hamsters where both germ cells contain the mutant gene death or significant deformity results, but where only one germ cell contains the mutant gene the resultant offspring are healthy. A lethal gene is created when a mutation carries a "double helping" of a particular gene. The result will be the death of the hamster. The only lethal genes currently known that the average pet owner might come into contact with is the Light Grey (or Lethal Grey) and the Dominant Spot. There are other lethal genes out there but they are not in general circulation and most are confined primarily to laboratories. In the event that two hamsters carrying lethal genes are bred, approximately one quarter of the unborn pups will die before the birth. Under normal conditions the mother's body would absorb the dead pups, if not, it is likely that the mother will also die. Any surviving hamsters with these genes do not generally show any adverse affects.

Explain why lethal dominant genes are much rarer than lethal recessive genes?

A lethal dominant gene prohibits the organism from reproducing irregardless of the paired gene, so it is removed from the gene pool as soon as it appears. A lethal recessive gene, on the other hand, does not prevent reproduction unless it is paired with another lethal recessive, so it may be passed down through many generations before becoming paired and preventing reproduction.

When are recessive lethal genes deadly?

When a person inherits two of the recessive gene, one from each heterogenous parent.

If a heterokaryon is made by crossing two mutants that have mutations in different genes of the adenine synthesis pathway the phenotype of the heterokaryon will be?


Why is it so difficult for gene therapy trials to receive approval?

Risky! you are playing with genes, if not done carefully that may cause lethal effects!

How would a lethal allele be dominant?

Since we inherit genes and not traits, the dominant allele might contain the genes that increase risk for disease or disorder. Genetic disorders most often occur in early human development.

What contrasting traits die the peas plant in the p generation exhibit?

Lethal genes producing albino seedlings will make the plant die in absence of chlorophyll.

Can you put lethal in a sentence?

The lethal word can be put into sentence as such. The bite of a snake is lethal and fatal.

Is dysentery lethal?

It can be lethal if it is not treated.

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I'm lethal to ciggarett smoke "She was fatally injured due to a lethal stab to the chest" "She didn't know she had an allergy so consumption was lethal" "He was sentenced to lethal injection"

Is colitis a lethal condition?

No it isn't. It is unpleasant but not lethal.

Is Heroin a lethal drug?


What is the difference between a lethal and nonlethal contagion?

the difference between nonlethal and lethal is that they both have lethal in there but non means no so nonlethal means no lethal at all. judy wardell=]

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His cooking was lethal, it had tentacles and everything!

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lethal rx for cats is poo

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Any alcohol is lethal in large amounts.

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Look out! That man has a lethal weapon

What is the German word for Lethal?

It's Lethal with german accent

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Yes, the AIDS virus is lethal.

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Lethal Industry was created in 2001.

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Lethal Xcess was created in 1991.

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