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What are little black sand shaped particles in a window frame which has holes in it?

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2009-08-06 19:12:40
2009-08-06 19:12:40

might be fly poop. If it's a WOOD window frame, with small holes visible in the wood surface and the "black sand shaped particles" are piled up in small areas, then you should consider checking for termites. Termite trailings are usually visible as small piles of particles resembling the size and texture of course beach sand. The color of the trailings will vary depending on the age and type of wood involved. Termites in pine wood will have lighter colored trailings due to pine's lighter shade; in contrast, the termite trailings from a darker wood like walnut or mahogany will be much darker than the pine trailings. Different User Answer As a pest control professional and a termite inspector for the last 4 years I can honestly say that I have never seen termites leave any kind of particles. Termites generally leave only damaged wood and mud behind. They use the mud to build a shelter in which they travel through that keeps them protected from outside elements and helps keep moisture in their bodies. The standard subterranean termite does not leave any black particles that look like sand. Without seeing it it would be hard to say exactly what you have

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