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i don't really know but i do know that i get them sometimes off and on... and i didn't start getting them until i had staff infection... and even though I'm over it and have been 4 several years it could be a weaker version and you should see your doctor or dermatologist. Sometimes if you have a type of infection it can do nerve damage and nerves can feel as if they are burning. Go to your pharmacist (don't need a prescription) and ask for Epsom Salt (not like table salt.) Run a TEPID bath (body temperature and not too hot), use 2 cups of Epsom Salt crystals and put enough boiling water into the 2 cups so it dissolves and then add to bath water. Sit in the tub for 20 mins., to 1/2 hour. It draws aches, pains, relieves pain from sunburn, etc. This should help. Once out of the bath towel dry yourself off well and use Aveeno body lotion (helps with itchy skin.) Also, stay away from too tight jeans or nylons (if you wear them) because this will just agitate it. If it continues please see your doctor.

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Q: What are little red spots on your thigh that burn?
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