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probably aphids

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Are ladybugs helpful or harmful?

ladybugs are helpful, they will eat all the little green bugs that are plants. the little green bugs will eat the plants so you will have to grow more and more plants. but watch out! Japanese beetles are harmful they will bite you, there colors are tan, yellow orange and even BLACK!

You have little white bugs and little green bugs all over the pea plants and would like to know what they can be sprayed with?

you can use anything

What are little ant like bugs with yellow butts?

The little bugs that look like ants with yellow butts are actually velvet ants. Technically, they're flightless wasps with a scientific name of Dasymutilla magnifica.

What are those little yellow bugs that bite you when you cut the grass?

They are called "Thirps"

What are mango bugs?

they are yucky little creatures which on killing secrete a yellow juice

What are yellow bugs with black spikes that are eating the leaves of your zucchini plants?

They are lady bug larvae

Why are there little yellow bugs stuck to my cats skin?

The little yellow bugs could be mites on the cats skin. There is shampoo you can purchase to get rid of the mites, fleas, and ticks. If the shampoo doesn't work, the cat may need to visit a vet.

What structure is inside the cell membrane and found only in plants?

little bugs

What are the little green pincher bugs?

The little green pincher bugs could be Aphids. Another type of little green pincher bug is the earwig. Both can be found near plants or trash.

What bugs are attracted to the color yellow?

stink bugs

What are the little black bugs on your indoor plants?

There are probably other bugs it could be but it is most likely aphids. They can come in other colours like green too.

Why do bugs help plants?

There are lots of bugs that help plants! Bugs that help plants are bees, lacewings,ladybugs, and worms.There are more than that, I just can't think of them all. Why do bugs help plants? Well, they don't really try to help plants, they just do.

What are some bugs that begin with the letter Y?

Most bugs that start with the letter Y actually start with the word, yellow. These are a few common bugs that start with the letter Y: yellow jacket, yellow mealworm, and yellow plant bug.

Can lady bugs eat fruits and vegetable?

Usually not. Lady Bugs eat Aphids and other little insects that DO eat fruits and veggie plants. So, having Lady Bugs in your garden is wonderfully helpful!

Are yellow yellow bugs lucky?

because they r rair

Do wood bugs eat plants?

Yes, wood bugs eat plants. The crustaceans in question also may be called isopods, pill bugs, or roly-poly bugs. They prey upon dead and decaying animals and plants as well as upon living plants.

Mutualistic relationship between ladybugs and plants?

The mutual relationship that lady bugs have with plants is that they eat bugs, such as aphids that are known for eating plants. This means lady bugs save these plants, and also get lots of food at the same time.

Do desert bugs eat plants?

Some desert 'bugs' eat plants, some eat other 'bugs' and some are parasites on reptiles, birds and mammals.

What is the system in which plants produce food bugs eat the plants and birds eat the bugs?

it is the food chain in a way.

How do you rid squash plants of bugs?

One way to rid squash plants of bugs is to squash them with gloved hands.

What are these little red bugs called?

Blood bugs

What is the yellow pigment in plants?

The yellow pigment in plants is Xenthophyll.

What are possible team name for yellow?

Yellow lighting lighting bugs yoewsing yellow young yellow pee yellow ;) jk

Do desert bugs eat cactus plants?

Yes, desert bugs eat cactus plants.Specifically, arid, dry, hot climates are home to bugs as well as to cactus plants. Bugs such as aphids, leaf-footed bugs, and mealy bugs enjoy desert life, where they will attack cactus plants. They will be joined by arachnids such as spider mites and insects such as the cactus moth in its larval stage as a plant-devouring caterpillar.

Why the leaves of plants turn yellow in the dark?

I have several plants I keep on my porch, including a fern. The leaves are turning yellow and the plant is a little droopy. I have heard that too much watering can cause this. It that true?