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The noun luminary (plural luminaries) can mean any source of light. It is also used to mean small makeshift lamps (luminaria) made from candles. In Spanish culture these are also called farolitos.

Idiomatically, luminaries are celebrities (eminent or famous people), so called originally because they inspire or "light the way" for others.
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What does luminary mean?

A person - usually well-known - who inspires or influences others; a person who is famous or important; a celebrity.. I can also mean something that gives light; a celestial body such as the sun or moon.

How do you use the word luminary in a sentence?

The only light provided for me was a luminary mounted on the cave wall. The luminary object on the horizon turned out to be the planet Venus. The professor was a luminary in his field, inspiring countless young scientists.

How do you use the word luminaries in a sentence?

(The plural luminaries is applied to sources of light, or to eminent or famous people. Paper luminaries or luminaria are small craft designs using candles.) Mom likes to decorate the walkway with luminaries during the holiday season. The award ceremony attracted luminaries from all of the majo ( Full Answer )

What does a literary luminary do?

A Literacy Luminary selects a part of the text to read and explain why they chose it. Some reasons are it may have been: Funny, Serious, Important, Puzzling or Powerful.

How do you get luminary vocation in Dragon Quest IX?

you go to the dance hall west of the mirage mahal palace and speak to a girl outside the dancer's change room with a quest bubble thing (blue) over her head. then you have to defeat a moai minstrel with a hot lick attack. you need a minstrel with 4 lithiness skill points. moai minstrels can be found ( Full Answer )

How do you become a Luminary in Dragon Quest IX?

Go to Gleeba, go into the dance hall, and speak to the lady with the pink hair, next to the door inside. This is Applaudia, she will give you the quest to unlock the Luminary vocation. You have to fight a Moai Minstrel, which is a grotto enemy. You have to kill it with Hot Lick, but be careful, a ( Full Answer )

How do you get a luminary on Dragon Quest IX?

You must have beaten the main story to unlock this quest. Go to the dance hall in Gleeba (this doesn't have to be in the evening). You will find Applaudia (the NPC luminary near the west side) who will offer you Quest #118: A Star is Born. Kill a moai minstrel with Hot Lick and talk to Applaudia ag ( Full Answer )

Who is the leading authority on going from leader to luminary?

The man who developed the process is a motivational speaker by the name of Andrew McGilly . He is based out of New York and speaks on a variety of topics including leadership and maximizing potential. Andrew McGilly is also the founder of Kingmaker Seminars.

What is a luminary dragon quest 9?

A luminary is a dancer/superstar vocation. The quest to unlock the vocation is found in Gleeba, in the dance hall, just outside the door that leads to the back rooms.

How does luminari from Star Wars die?

Luminara Unduli? She was one of the Jedi on Kashyyyk along with Yoda in Revenge of the Sith . When Order 66 was issued, she was killed

Where is the Luminary Center for the Arts located?

The Luminary Center for the Arts is located at 2644 Cherokee Street in St.Louis, Missouri. It is run by artists and seeks to provide meaningful support to emerging artists, audiences and those who appreciate art.

Who are some luminaries of the acting profession?

Acting luminaries are successful and popular actors who are leaders in their fields. Among some of leading actors are: Richard Attenborough, Alec Guiness, Kenneth Branagh, John Mills and Rex Harrison.

Where can one purchase a luminary bags?

There are many places one might go to purchase a luminary bag. In addition to a local craft store, one might also be able to purchase bags in bulk or for a discount on Amazon.

What actors and actresses appeared in Luminary - 2011?

The cast of Luminary - 2011 includes: Jamie Bottoms as Julia Jeff Gott as Basketball Father Mike Guerino as College Friend Nicole Patriarca as Loan Representative Keith Rodgers as Man on Couch Mark Stansbury as Basketball Son Alexandra Tabas as Kelly Dave Tosto as Jim

Is the word luminaries a noun?

Yes, the word 'luminaries' is a noun , the plural form of thesingular noun 'luminary', a word for a very famous or successfulperson; a word for a very bright light; a word for a person or athing.

What is the meaning of luminaries?

Refers to an object, such as a celestial body, that gives light. b. In astrology, one of the brightest celestial objects, such as the sun, moon, or bright planets.