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Lynco Orthotics are special line insoles which are designed to add extra support and cushioning when placed inside shoes. One can buy these insoles from the official Aetrex webpage.

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Q: What are lynco orthotics used for?
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What are some brands of orthotics insoles?

Some brands of orthotics insoles are Orthaheel, OluKai, Moszkito and Spira. These are the best brands of orthotics insoles according to customer reviews.

Can orthotics help me get into better shape?

Orthotics are gel inserts for shoes. They assist with problems related to walking and leg or knee pain. They aren't used to help get in shape, only used to help pains associated with the legs and feet.

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What is an orthotics?

An Orthotic or Orthoses is a medical device used for correcting the body, most people refer to foot orthoses when referring to orthotics. A foot orthoses or foot orthotic is an insert into your shoe usually made from EVA or Polypropylene. This insert is designed by an orthotics lab to attempt to correct the alignment and posture of the lower body.

What are the release dates for Healthline - 2006 Orthotics?

Healthline - 2006 Orthotics was released on: USA: 20 February 2007

Where can I purchase custom orthotics?

It is a good idea to just go to for a great deal on orthotics. I'm pretty sure that some fabrics factory can custom order an orthotics that would fit perfectly to your content.

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How often do podiatry orthotics need replaced?

The life of a pair of orthotics will vary between patients. If the orthotics are for every day use you may expect them to last for a couple of years. However if you are a long distance runner / walker you may find that they wear out more more quickly. Basically, it will depend on the amount of use of a pair of orthotics.

Where to buy betterform orthotics soft forms?

How long do prescribed orthotics last?

This will vary depending on the activity of the individual. For example, a long disctance runner will wear out a pair of orthotics much quicker than a person who wears them during a normal day. It would be advisable to ask the podiatrist or orthotist who has prescribed your orthotics.

Is there an orthotic shoe insert to help balance my feet?

There are a wide variety of orthotics and the purpose of these are to assist you with the comfort of your foot. There are orthotics for people with fallen arches, as well as high arches and I am sure that a doctor in the practice of Orthotics would be able to design something to assist with your limp.

What companies sell shoes for orthotics?

There are many different place that sell a wide range of orthodontic shoes chi Chester has them and orthotics online has a wide variety to choose from.

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