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What are macca's?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-21 01:04:44

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That is what Australian's call the giant golden arches conglomerate (McDonalds) that invaded our country like all other developed nation in the world. "No country with a Macca's has ever waged war against the United States." Urban dictionary For short: McDonald's

2007-06-21 01:04:44
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What are the ingredients in staminade?

Chicken and Maccas

How do you make KFC chicken?

go to maccas

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Which island do the Penan people live?

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How many McDonald's in Queensland?

There are 10,0,0,0000000,000000000000,00000,637474 maccas stores in Gatton

How much does a electrician make in the mines?

as much as they make at maccas

Diet chart for kidney stone patient?

maccas mate.

What companies does Hasbro own?

maccas, kfc and hungry jacks

How many mc donalds are there in New Zealand?

I counted a shocking 136 stores on the maccas (kiwi slang for McDonalds) web site. Maccas is Aussie slang and kiwis are fat suckers

Why do people conserve energy?

Cos Fat people eat maccas

What nicknames does Mikhael Wilder go by?

Mikhael Wilder goes by Maccas.

How do you make a mcdonalds choc whirl frappe?

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What was Kane Kramers favorite food?

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How many McDonalds are in Australia?

There are 12,312,676,78600,000,0956,87928,3888,9863,76290112100 maccas stores in Sri Lanka :)

What is the average meal cost at mcdonalds?

An average meal at Maccas costs from $4.95 (happymeal) to $8.95

What did Justin Bieber do after he left school?

he went for singing amazing right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JKS! he worked at maccas...

What are sports played in Egypt today?

they don't play games.. they eat maccas all day.

What motivation id behind the crusades?

To convert the Muslims to Christianity. Maccas is cool jews are mystical beings

How many McDonald's resturants are there in the Australia?

Today Australia has over 780 restaurants, according to the Maccas website.

What did aboriginal people eat 100 years ago?

Just maccas now and then, but only if they were good and did their chores.

How do you make tortellini alapana?

you make it then sturr Fri it then it is done maccas is way betta and heltheir from you know whowhowhowho

Did Elvis die from maccas?

No, he died from a drug overdose in his bathroom with his pants around his knees. He was heavy into drugs for years.

Obese percentage per state in America?

Get rid of all the maccas over there and America will have the largest percentage of anorexic people