What are magnets used for in every day life and how?

Probably the most popular use, that everyone in the modern world is in touch with is, loudspeakers and headphones, used for listening to music.
Speakers and sounders work by passing the electrical signal through a coil of wire attached to a diaphragm. The coil is suspended inside a magnetic field, provided by a circular permanent magnet.

Hard drives, used in computers, have very powerful magnets inside them. These control the movement of the read/write heads, as they move across the spinning disc.
The deflection is caused by passing control signals through a coil mounted on the arm, which is suspended inside a magnetic field provided by the permanent magnet.

Anything that contains small DC motors, will have permanent magnets in them. Toys, tape machines, tooth brushes, dispensing machines etc.
Modern cars are full of them. Wipers, windows, mirrors, seats, fans etc.