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What are major jobs in Brazil?

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What are some of the major jobs in Brazil?

some major jobs in brazil are shoe shinners and house maid hope this help :)

What is the top jobs in Brazil?

the top jobs in brazil is police. Because then you have the rights and the law on your side.

What jobs do rich people have in Brazil?

they have jobs as nothing their rich!!

What kind of jobs does Brazil have?

Brazil has various different jobs that are common. For example, the mining industry is an industry that is in rapid growth.

Jobs in Brazil?

mining and manufacturing

Does Brazil have shopping jobs?


What is the major airport in Brazil?

Guarulhos in Sao Paulo is one of the major airports in Brazil.

Major industries in Brazil?

celebration and art of brazil

What kind of jobs do people have in Brazil?

tourism,industry,shopping,service jobs

What is a major event in Brazil?

Carnival in Rio De Janeiro is one major event in Brazil.

What are the major bodies of water in Brazil?

The Amazon River is the only major body of water in Brazil.

Why did people choose to settle in Brazil?

because Brazil was a new country and had jobs for people

What are the major jobs in russia?

Russia has numerous jobs for their citizens. Some of the major jobs are manufacturing jobs, government jobs, medical jobs, accountants, and engineers.

What are the major mountain ranges in Brazil?

The Andes in western Brazil

What are the major resources in Brazil?

The major resources in Brazil are... iron ore, tin, timber forests and cooper.

What are the kinds of business in Brazil?

there store jobs tattoo jobs and car wash business an laundry mat jobs

What is the employment in Manaus?

Because Manaus is in Brazil the most popular jobs in Brazil are lawyer, engineer, and medical so they are the most popular jobs in Manaus too.

Major cities of Brazil?

Brazil has many cities, large and small. The major cities in Brazil are Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, and Sao Paolo.

What are the major resources of Brazil?

The main natural resource in Brazil is bauxite.

How many mountains does Brazil have?

Brazil ahs 12 major mountains

Do Brazil follow fashion?

Yes it does. Fashion in Brazil is an industry of billions of dollars. It's the second bigger industry in Brazil in number of jobs.

Where are summer jobs for psychology major in WA state?

There are several summer jobs for psychology major in WA state. Some jobs are restaurant jobs, grocery store jobs, or bank jobs.

What are some major jobs in California?

Major jobs in California include jobs in the medical field, science and marketing. Acting jobs and commercial modeling are also popular jobs.

What is a major product grown in Brazil?

Coffee. Brazil are huge on agriculture and coffee.

What are the major mountains in Brazil?


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