What are major physical features in the US?


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Some major US physical features include the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, the Mississippi River, the Great Lakes, and the Appalachian Mountains.

mount fuji is one of japan's major physical features

The Grand Canyon. The Florida Everglades. The Rocky Mountains.

The major features are mountains , rivers, and deserts.

Some of the physical features are The mountains, the rain forests, and the waterfalls.

Hills, plateaus, plains, and mountains are some physical features in Romania

it gives us the physical features of a specific place

physical features is longitude and latitude

The major physical features of the southeast are the Appalachian Mountains,Cumberland plateau, and the Ozark Plateau

The Tigris and Euphrates, the two major rivers, were very important physical features.

some important physical features in tennessee is mountains, grass, flowers, people(;

The major physical features of Guyana are the low-lying coastal area, the white sand belt, the savannah areas and the mountainous region.

Well, umm i had to do a postcard for a class and one of the major physical features of the Puget Sound Lowlands is the Pacific Ocean.

some of the bahamas major features are its coral caverns and other coral formations that are found of the coasts.

There are a variety of physical features of Japan. Some of these include rivers, mountains, volcanoes, coastline, as well as forest.

china has a magnitude of physical features some of which include moutians, rivers, plateaus, plains, deserts, and coasts.

Pakistan has five major physical features. These features are the Northern and Western Highlands, the Punjab Plain, the Sind Plain, the Baluchistan Plateau, and the Thar.

There are several major physical features that are present in the state of Washington. The mountains are most prevalent, and there is Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Olympus and others.

Mongolia has a variety of physical features. Some of these include mountains, plateaus, lakes, marshes, forests, as well as mountains.

What is the major physical of chile? how do you answer a question with another one.

Snow, mountains, and trees.Mountains

atlas mountains and many others

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