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Regis L: Marine landforms are water, coral and riffs. Rexy! he mara!

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What landforms does the marine biome have?

Trenchs, mountains, and volcanos

How can natural disasters change landforms?

Sergio marine

What are the landforms in Hiroshima?

Hiroshima is mostly flat with many marine ports.

What is marine erosion?

Marine erosion is the action of the sea on coastal landforms. Examples of this type of erosion are hydraulic pressure, abrasion and attrition.

What are the major landforms in the biome?

The major landforms in the marine is coralreef ,continental shelf ,continentalslope,tomboios ,beaches ,island ,sea mounts ,ocean floor

What are the landforms of the marine biome?

coral reefs and coral shelfs and sand and water and more sand and rocks and then they have hills and stuff

What are lunar landforms?

Lunar landforms are landforms on the moon

How do primary and secondary landforms differ?

Primary landforms are landforms that have no eroded at all. On the other hand, secondary landforms are landforms that have eroded.

3 landforms in New Jersey and where located?

landforms landforms

Are volcanoes landforms?

they are landforms

What are facts about landforms?

landforms are connects the earths surface landforms are all examples of streets, sidewalks, and ports. landforms can be made by sandstones landforms are connented to all sources

What are slow changing landforms and fast changing landforms?

frances landforms are on

Why are deserts not landforms?

Deserts are biomes. Landforms are features found within landforms.

What are two landforms near the statue of liberty?

River Landforms and Glacial Landforms.

Are buildings landforms?

no. buildings are not landforms

How many landforms are there?

there are seven landforms

What are uses of landforms?

used of landforms

Which landforms are formed by brahmaputra?


What is landforms key?

It is keys for landforms

Where are landforms in Europe?

Landforms are everywhere.

Are roads landforms?

No, roads are not landforms.

Do Brazil have landforms?

yes they have landforms

Can mountains and hills be landforms?

They are landforms.

What were the landforms for the Seminole's?

seminole landforms

What landforms are in Toronto?

what landforms are in Toronto?