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What are medical industry?


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The medical industry refers to the industry that has everything to do with medicine. This includes doctors, drug companies, hospitals and medical suppliers.


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the medical and surgical products industry is growing rapidly.

There are several different areas of the medical supply industry that are growing. These areas include the biomedical industry.

the food industry, and the medical one as well

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A toddler can get a career in the medical industry by buying or purchasing a Barbie make-believe doctor playset.

In order to work for the Medical Tech Industry, one must have at least a basic understanding of technology within the medical field, and therefore at least a Bachelor's degree is required in something medical or some with communications to perhaps serve as public relations for the industry.

It is basically a different word for hormones. It is mostly use by people in the medical industry. The term endocrine is a medical term. It is not a common word for people that does not work in the medical industry.

Space exploration has improved medical industry where scientists are improving medical technology and techniques,delivering a range of life-improving and life-saving equipment.

If you are looking for a job in the medical industry, such as a med rep, then I suggest you check out this great website on how to make it into the medical industry. Here is the link:

An electronic medical billing and records software are very much important in the medical industry nowadays. As technology arises, paper documents and databases should now have an organized system to keep them.

Yeah, it is a professional Medical Industry Platform for global enterprises and buyers. It is a Directory of Chinese medical products, manufacturers, exporters and suppliers. You can find more verified medical manufacturers and suppliers from China there.

StudentDoctor is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting medical students, as well as featuring articles designed to inform students about medical school, things such as technology that affect the medical industry, and other medical industry related pieces of information.

In the medical industry, acronyms are used to shorten long titles of important information. HEDIS is an acronym of Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set.

Health services are services in medical field. They are used in medical industry for the betterment of health.

It is used in cement industry. Also used in medical industry to make plaster of Paris. Mainly used in the construction industry.

The medical industry can be affected by deforestation as crucial species of medicinal plants can be lost. Some of the herbs that are used to make medicine are rare and need to be protected.

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Major consumers of industry output in order of market size include foreign consumers, the federal government, medical and health services, doctors and dentists

Firms in this industry engage primarily in manufacturing irradiation apparatus and tubes for applications such as medical diagnostic, medical therapeutic, industrial, research, and scientific evaluation


It is a boon for AYUSH medical industry.

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Many people today are turning to pre medical colleges for their education. When choosing a major, you might want to consider these programs. The draw of pre medical programs is that they provide you with a skill that fits into a sustainable industry. The medical industry is growing stronger with every passing year. Someone choosing a college major should be looking to get involved with an industry that has staying power into the next few decades.

medical , warfare , electricity i think.

Medical assistant gain experiences in a medical industry. It's beneficial for students who wants to be a doctor, nurses, or any practitioners who wants to work in the medical field someday.

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