What are men's opinions on abstinence before marriage?

Societies which have made pre-marital sex a legal issue notwithstanding, my personal opinion is that abstinence is a religious concept, and as such, it is more acceptable to those with stronger religious upbringings. That said, a mature man, while perhaps not personally an adherent of the concept, will always respect the beliefs of his partner. The above poster made some fine points, but in these modern times "safe sex" is a MUST because of sexually transmitted diseases. If a person wants to refrain from sex then they should be up-front with their partner before continuing on with the relationship. Both have to believe in it. Believe it or or not there are some young women still out there that would feel a lot of relief if a guy said this. Not all young women want to be pawed, mauled and have the stress of realizing if she doesn't "put out" she could well lose her boyfriend and this can also be stressful on some men that prefer to wait to have a sexual relationship and there are some young men still out there that don't want to rush things. Good for them and very smart! The question is about abstinence, not safe sex. Safe sex is certainly "a must" in these modern times...abstinence is not. Abstinence is a choice that individuals (and couples) make, usually, but not always, based on religious upbringing, and a choice that should certainly be respected if it's not shared. "Pawing and mauling" have no place in any relationship...unless, of course, it's mutual. But then again, as I said in the first post, this is a "personal opinion," not a pronouncement of fact. (As an aside, abstinence before marriage by one partner offers no guaranteed protection against STDs.)