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What are modern problems farmers face today?

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modern farmers problems are:The high cost of farm equipment and their input costs: i.e. seed, fertilizer, fuel, etc. Increasing government regulation is also making farming in the U.S. more difficult. An increasing lack of familiarity of the general populace with the practices of modern farming can lead to misunderstanding and the the introduction of misguided legislation such as California's 2008 Propostion 2.
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What problems did Egyptian farmers face?

similar problems farmers face today- mainly irrigation and dealing with crop destroying pests

What some problems farmers face in the Bahamas?

Some of the problems farmers face today are: insects, floods, labor cost, lack of fertile soil, poor transportation and poor marketing.

What are modern problems farmers face?

thier wages are very low and it has become very difficult for the farmers to run thier family.

What problems bahamian farmers face?

they face lack of irrigation

What problems did populist farmers face?

Populist farmers faced overproduction so prices decreased.

What problems farmers face during growing crops?


What problems did farmers face in the 1880s?

the Irish potato famine

What are some problems the rainforests face today?

Rainforests are getting destroyed by humans,for example,humans are clearing areas in the rainforests for room for cattle to be in for farmers.

What problems do peasant farmers face?

problems faced by peasant farmers in the Caribbean,of the problem transportation,road,storage problem,soil erosion and flooding.

What are some problems farmers faced in the Bahamas?

Farmers face many problems, one in particular is protecting crops from the hurricanes they can be very dangerous to the crops

What problems face Niger today?


Agricultural problems of filipino farmers?

There are three main problems facing Filipino farmers. The increase in technology used to farm, lower chance of exporting goods, and small amounts of land available to farmers are all problems they face.

What problems did many plains farmers face during the late 1800?


How do you help with problems farmers face in the Bahamas?

get a better attitude towards farming

What common problems did farmers of the 1890s and farmers of the 1920s face?

In both periods of time, farmers encountered a lot of problems regarding pests and parasites. They also had to put up with a rise in unknown crop diseases.

What problems does latin America face today?


What problems does the wool industry face today?


What problems do African nations face today?


What problems and challenges does Afghanistan face today?


What problems do the soviet republics face today?


What problems did farmers face in ancient Greece?

Due to the amount of good soil and cropland

What are some problems farmers face in the Bahamas and explain them?

they are facing a problme with fat ladys

What problems did farmers and migrant workers face?

animals eating their crops and hoodlums robbing them

What problems and obstcale do students face today in Cambodia if they wish to enter higher enducation?

What problems and obstcale do students face today in Cambodia if they wish to enter higher enducation?

What problems do the Aztecs face today?

Very few considering that there is no remaining Aztec culture. Perhaps a more worthwhile question would be "what problems do the descendants of the Aztecs face today?"

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