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Muck fires are fires that burn underground. They are started (usually in late winter/early spring in Florida) when buried decomposing vegetation spontaneously combusts or is ignited by lightning strikes.

This happens during the dry season as the vegetation begins to dry out. Because heat is not transferred well in these conditions, areas that are still moist will produce heat from the process of decomposition. The heat accumulates to the point where it can ignite dryer material adjacent to the area of decomposition.

These fires can burn for weeks, and are extremely hard to extinguish. Most of the time they don't cause any problems, but occasionally the work their way to the surface, and can ignite material above the ground. But the majority of them just smolder under ground, and create a horrible odor that lasts for weeks.
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What causes muck fires?

Answer . The cause of muck fires is called lignite, which burns when lightning hits it underground. They burn for weeks especially when hit by lightning.

What is a muck fire?

Muck fires are underground fires under a layer of duff in marshy areas. Muck fires are started when lightning strikes the ground and starts to burn. THEY ARE MAINLY IN FLORIDA

What is muck?

Muck is slimy mud, or something which makes something dirty. It isalso an obsolete, derogatory term for money.

What do muck fires do when they first start burning?

Muck fires also known as swamp fires are extremely dangerous. Theycan just spontaneously com-busts or be started by a lighteningstrike. They normal occur in the late winter to early spring whenweather conditions are at their driest. But because it is a swampthere is still moisture in the ground whic ( Full Answer )

How does muck turn into a fire?

trow your mom on it her fattness will put it out don't listen to this and whoever wrote this is probley been reported a lots i have no answer to that but to put out a muck fire is u soak the ground before it happens and around it so if it startes it doesn't go anywhere i have looked this all up and ( Full Answer )

Can you always see the flames from a muck fire?

No, You can not always see the flames of a muck fire. It may be a Muck "Smolder" ....tht's what my Grandmother called it when Highway 92 between Auburndale and Lakeland would be black with what looked like a dark smelly fog that had rolled in, but it was a muck fire.....burning just below the ground ( Full Answer )

What causes a muck fire?

lightning can start a muck fire if there is a natural resource in the ground where it strikes

How muck does a black bear weigh?

Black bear weight tends to vary according to age, sex, health and season. Seasonal variation in weight is very pronounced: in autumn, their pre-den weight tends to be 30% higher than in spring, when black bears emerge from their dens. Black bears on the http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/East_Coast_of_th ( Full Answer )

Are muck fires dangerous?

Yes, muck fires can become very dangerous. The fires can burnunderground which will make trees unstable. The fires can also burnfor weeks.

What is a muck fire and how do muck fires get started?

Muck fires are fires that burn underground. They get started by lightning hitting a dry area. They are most common in Tampa Bay, a place in Florida. They can burn for sometimes years at a time. Most are impossible to get rid of. and admit smoke everywhere

Where do muck fires occur?

they usually occur where there is muck and is dry .... thats all i know .

Facts about muck fires?

they are underground fires they can reach the surface they can burn for weeks the smoke can stay there for weeks as well

What muck fires?

Muck fires are fires that burn underground. They are started (usually in late winter/early spring in Florida) when buried decomposing vegetation spontaneously combusts or is ignited by lightning strikes. This happens during the dry season as the vegetation begins to dry out. Because heat is not tran ( Full Answer )

How do muck fires damage trees?

Muck fires damage trees by coating the trees with soot or bydirectly burning them. This limits their ability to absorb lightand carbon dioxide.

Mucking a stall?

mucking out a stall is cleaning the stall, when you clean the stall your horse is less likely to get diseases. mucking out the stall means to get dirty but if you don't care about getting dirty than this is the job for you.

What is muck fire?

A muck fire is a fire that burns underground. This is started by lightning and other things.

Who is affected by muck fires?

(: muck fires affected many many many many many people in their known area. muck fires affect, people, animals and even plants and water temperature(:

Where are muck fires?

Muck fires are very prevalent in Florida. Muck is made of organicmaterial and minerals located under the topsoil.

How are muck fires put out?

they are put out by taking a hose and pouring water on them. they are put out by taking a hose and pouring water on them

How do you stop muck fires?

Muck fires are difficult to fight. Often the only way to stop amuck fire is to contain it.

What do muck fires do?

Muck fires are underground fires that kill citrus trees or other plants. Farmers use these muck fires to their advantage, by using them to kill their crops and therefore having new and/or more seeds to grow to make more money off of.

How often does a muck fire occur?

A muck fire occurs when muck, a soil made up from peat in dried-out swamplands, catches fire underground. These fires can burn nonstop until reaching a water source.

Does central Florida have muck fires?

Yes. Anywhere there is a swamp. Underground fires or "Muck" ignites from burning brush above and from lightning strikes. Enough oxygen penetrates the parched, loosely packed peat moss, causing underground embers to smolder for weeks. The muck can cook and kill roots, causing trees to topple. After ( Full Answer )

What is muck luck?

A muck a luck is a character of dubious nature... Kind of like a real idiot. That is a Muck A Luck!

What does a muck fire do?

when lighting strikes lignite, it starts a muck fire. muck fires can't be extinguished by water.

Is muck dirt?

I grew up on a "muck farm" in Ohio (that's what it's called) near Hartville and we worked it by hand. Muck is a very rich, dark (black, or almost black) soil that actually releases steam in the summer heat. It has a distinct smell, which is a little loam-y. It's not as dry as peat, and is easy to tu ( Full Answer )

What does muck mean?

It means mud or animal poop. Or it can be an ephusation of the f-word. like muck it or you're full of muck. but usually used as mud.

Can you stop a muck fire?

No, but you can slow it down with fire breaks and keeping the surrounding areas clear of dead brush, alert a local FD and let them handle the rest of the job. NEVER try to contain a muck fire alone. The cause of them is lightning storms, the lightning will strike the ground and cause the fire, but i ( Full Answer )

How muck are the iPhones?

in Australia the lowest price is around $800 in cannada the loest is $400 (3gs)

When do muck fires happen?

Good question Muck Fires are fires that are under ground.They can start two ways.One is if lightning hitting a very dry area.The other way is from littering.When you litter the forest or any wood like area it turns into this flammable sticky goop that seeps into the ground like water and will only g ( Full Answer )

How many muck fires happen a year?

More than 100 muck fires have occurred during this year muck fires are started by lightning that hit a dry area.

What are the hazards of muck fires?

the smoke can injure your lungs the fire could go above ground and put your house in danger . they can also cause a zombie Apocalypse .

How do muck fires effect animal and human life?

For one thing it can injure and kill animals or make them leave their homes. For humans it can destroy the roots of trees making them more likely to fall destroying a house or injuring or killing a person

Important element necessary for a muck fire?

The important element necessary for a much fire is lignite. It is asoft brownish coal that shows traces of plant structure, which isintermediate between bituminous coal and peat.

What is the difference between muck fires and regular fires?

Muck fires are underground. We get tons of them in CA where I live. The fire burns a tree or a bush or something and the embers travel down through the roots. They cause a major problem once the above ground fire is out. they just light new fires

What is the definition of a muck fire?

The definition of muck fire is an underground fire that burn in or beneath decomposing materials like leaves and branches

How are muck fires maintained?

Muck fires are so intense that they even burn the dirt. They stay lit until they hit water.

How do muck fires and sinkholes connect to the novel tangerine?

Muck fires and Sink holes are connected to the book Tangerine because what they do is they cause certain events to occur in the book, (Spoiler Alert!) like the muck fires can cause smog, and the sinkhole causes the school to collapse and send Paul to Tangerine Middle School. They also symbolize ( Full Answer )

How do muck fires start and burn?

Muck fires start when lightning hits the soil and burns for weeks unless water comes in and puts it out.

How do you muck barn?

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How do you muck a stall?

There are several ways to clean a stall. 1: Do a basic daily mucking pulling out the manure and urine spotsthen replenish the bedding. At some point the stall will need to bestripped and re-bedded. 2: Deep-litter method. Not really recommended for horses as it doescause ammonia build up. You simply ( Full Answer )