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A long narrow racing boat is called a racing shell.

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Q: What are narrow racing boats called?
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What is a small narrow boat called?

Some small narrow boats are called canoes, others are called kayaks.

What kind of boats might be used in a canal?

Narrow boats.

Where can one purchase narrow boats?

Narrow boats were designed to fit the narrow canals of Great Britain. There are several places to purchase narrow boats, especially in the UK, including Whilton Marina, Great Haywood Boat Sales Ltd, Apollo Duck Boats Network, onthewater and Canal Boat Trader.

Where can on find narrow boats for sale?

One can find narrow boats for sale online at various websites. One can find narrow boats for sale at websites such as Apollo Duck, Whilton Marina, and Great Haywood Boat Sales.

What is a flat bottomed boat called?

There are narrow flat bottom boats called punts, which are moved with the aid of a long pole. The similar boats in Venice are called gondolas. Small boats may be called skiffs, and the flat-bottom canoes of Louisiana are called pirogues. Large boats are canal boats, or barges.

How fast do racing boats go?

drag boats have seen speeds of 250 mph +

How much are narrow boats?

Narrowness or cost to buy ?

How long do rc racing boats have to be charged for?

The length of time that RC racing boats have to be charged for can vary from boat to boat. It can range from thirty minutes to a couple of hours depending on the battery of the racing boat.

What are the release dates for Torpedo Boats Racing Off Newport - 1902?

Torpedo Boats Racing Off Newport - 1902 was released on: USA: September 1902

A narrow manmade water way used by boats?

It is a canal.

What is the long narrow boats used for transport in Venice?


Why were the vikings boats called long boats?

there called long boats because there boats that are long

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