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Neural Mechanisms refer to structures such as neurons (nerve cells), neural circuits and regions of the brain plus substances such as neurotransmitters and hormones. These regulate behaviour, voluntary and involuntary systems.

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Q: What are neural mechanisms?
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What is a neurohormone?

A neurohormone is a hormone that is secreted and circulated by neurosecretory cells into the blood. It stimulates neural mechanisms when activated by neural stimuli.

What mechanisms control the secretion of hormones?

negative feedback, humeral, hormonal, and neural.

Select the correct statement about the neural mechanisms of respiratory control?

The pons is thought to be instrumental in the smooth transition from inspiration to expiration.

How does the body control temperature?

homeostasis The temperature of the body is regulated by neural feedback mechanisms which operate primarily through the hypothalmus. The hypothalmus contains not only the control mechanisms, but also the key temperature sensors

What is s sentence using the word fictive?

The neural mechanisms supporting the ability to recognize and respond to fictive outcomes, outcomes of actions that one has not taken, remain obscure.

information of education feild?

Researchers in educational neuroscience investigate the neural mechanisms of reading, numerical cognition, attention, and their attendant difficulties including dyslexia, dyscalculia, and ADHD as they relate to education

What is the endocrine definition of self-regulating?

The endocrine system has four major mechanisms of control that regulate its functions. They are: Hormonal control, neural control, negative feedback, and positive feedback.

What has the author Casper Johannes Erkelens written?

Casper Johannes Erkelens has written: 'Neural mechanisms of mandibular control' -- subject(s): Innervation, Mandible, Muscles

What are the ways hormone secretion is regulated?

Hormone secretion is very complex and is regulated by three main mechanisms. The first, and most common, is negative feedback. The others are positive feedback and neural control.

What do humans interact with everyday?

neural mechanisms that allow people to understand everyday social interaction. .... When people interact in a social context

Which of the following supports the notion that distinct neural mechanisms are involved in word recognition and object recognition?

Brain damage can impair word recognition, but not object recognition and Certain mental diseases produce changes in word recognition and object recognition.

Consciousness probably arises from higher levels of what in the brain?

neural activity

What is neural impulse?

A neural Impulse is a spike of electrical activity.

What is momentum neural networks?

momentum neural network

What is the neural tube formed by the fusion of?

It is formed from neural folds that arise from the neural groove in a developing fetus.

What is a neural network?

The word neural is associated with the brain. A neural network is a computer system or interface that is linked to the brain or neurological system.

The embryonic origin of all neural tissue?

neural plate

What is the definition of neural insulation?

Neural Insulation is Brain Material.:))There is your answer.

When was Neural Computation created?

Neural Computation was created in 1989.

What is epochs in neural network?

A step in the training process of an artificial neural network

What does neural compromise mean?

Neural compromise, also referred to as neural foraminal compromise, is a health condition. It's when the spinal column's foreman becomes narrowed.

What is the medical term meaning pertaining to a nerve?


What is basic neutron of neural network?

Neural networks have nothing to do with neutrons.

What are also called neural impulses?

Action potential is a neural impulse.

What is the cause of blood vessel spasm in hemostasis?

"Initiated by endothelial injury and caused by local and humoral mechanisms". Other helpers such as thromboxane, platelets releasing prosaglandin and neural reflexes all aid in vasoconstriction of the vessels. (Porth & Matfin, 2009)

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