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It could be several things but the most common is Rosacea. I had this occur once and it seemed like that is what you are speaking of. If the rash appears circular in nature and you skin feels scaly you may have come down with a case of ringworm. Be careul because ringworm will eat you alive and you will be dead within 2 days tops! Just kidding. Ringworm is a common fungal infection that can be relieved with Lotramin AF over the counter. Try it, you'll like it.Rub rub into your skin skin oh what a relief it is!

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Q: What are non itchy peeling skin rashes all over the body?
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What can cause itchy red spots all over your body?

Red itchy bumps on your body can be caused by a number of things such as hives, chicken pox, folliculitis, eczema, rashes, vitligo and shingles.

Red itchy spots all over body?

Chicken Pox

What is a non-itchy skin rash all over your body?


Non itching red spots all over body?

red itchy patches

How do you know if Im suffering from symptoms of allergies?

Allergy symptoms can include runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, hives, and rashes. These can usually be alleviated by over the counter medication.

What are the symptoms of fungus?

The symptoms of a fungal skin infection depend on the type of fungus. It also depends on which part of your body is affected. Fungal skin infections can cause a variety of different symptoms like: Red, scaly and itchy skin rashes. Hair loss. Over-weight.

What can cause little red itchy bumps all over your body?

i could be that you have just got over a sickness and that is how your body is getting all of it (the sickness) out - sidney♥

What to do when someone is itchy all over?

Put itchy powder on them.

What virus causes high fever accompanied by itchy hives all over the body and face?


Do worms cause rash on skin that are not itchy?

Hi, I've recently been over in Cambodia with a foundation and some of the children we have had to treat, in particular younger children, eg. 3 or 4 have had a rash near there neck and on their chest. However when asked the children said they were not itchy. These rashes have been said to be from dehydration. As the worms take all the nutrients and can severly dehydrate a child easily. So yes, I have seen children with rashes that are not itchy that are a result from worms. Once the kids were treated after a few days rash began to go away... Hope this helps.

What is posin ivy?

poison ivy is a piousness plant that gives you itchy bumps all over you body and is very easy to spread

What are the symptoms after a bee sting?

Itchy hives all over body. I am experiencing that now after 4 weeks of being stung by a bee.

Can you paint oil based paint over water based paint which had been peeling because it was painted over oil based paint?

You can but it wont last, you will have a bigger peeling mess.

Why is the skin around your piercing peeling?

You are over cleaning your piercing and drying it out

Disadvantages of yoga?

Here some of the disadvantages of Yoga: Congestion of energy resulting in weakening of the body, fever or over heating, skin rashes, depression, pain and discomfort.

Itchy skin all over body and no visible spots or dry skin or marks?

Poison like oak or ivy before it has time to color

You are itchy all over can this been a sign of pregnancy?

Lol! Hunni. Do you think your pregnat? Lol itching all over you body DOSRNT MEAN NOTHING! Well, you could be getting Chicken Pocks or w.e they call them, OR you could be getting SMR, Spreadable Minor Rashes. Lol, Sweetie NOTHING about itching all over your body means you pregnat. If you really want to know if you are or not. Go to WAL-GREENS and buy "First Response". It worked for me :-) And Im only..... errm... Lets not go there LOL. Anyways I hoped I've helped :> <<3 Veronica101

Why have rashes broke out all over your body?

Answer Rashes are very hard to diagnose and will take a specialist to decide what is causing this rash. It could be anything from the detergent you are using in your clothing (also clothing softener during the rinse cycle) the soap you are using, or you have a food allergy or an allergy to a medication.

Is it safe to use cornstarch for rashes specifically diaper rashes?

Yes. Cornstarch is actually recommended over baby powder, since many babies are allergic to the talc in baby powder. And it is extremely effective for diaper rashes.

How do Muslims feel after the festival?

Hung over and itchy

What is peeling skin on feet?

Peeling skin of the feet can be an indicator of several issues. The most common cause is athletes feet, followed by over-exposure to the sun.

What should be done for itchy eyelids?

It depends on the characteristics. If the symptoms seems to be allergy related (itchy, watery, red), an over the counter antihistamine could help. If they are itchy from dryness try an over the counter eye drop such as visine for added moisture.

What is a rash that looks like pimples all over your body?

I got this when I was very little my mom said they were hives, don't scratch them if they are itchy. They will go away.

What are the name of diseases that causes Small red itchy spots all over your body?

smallpox and chicken pox are some diseases. there are MUCH more though

If you have dry peeling skin around your vagina and it's very itchy is this from a yeast infection or something else?

Could be a yeast infection. Try some over the counter yeast cream. You can buy this at your pharmacy. Use as directed on the package and if it doesn't clear up you might consult your Doctor.