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What are normal body parameters?


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March 01, 2009 10:27PM

Premature: Heart rate=120-170bpm

Respiratory Rate=40-70

Blood Pressure=55-75/35-45

0-3 months: Heart rate=100-150bpm

Respiratory Rate=35-55

Blood Pressure=65-85/45-55

3-6 months: Heart Rate=90-120bpm

Respiratory Rate=30-45

Blood Pressure=70-90/50-65

6-12 months:Heart Rate=80-120bpm

Respiratory Rate=25-40

Blood Pressure=80-100/55-65

1-3 years: Heart rate=70-110

Respiratory rate=20-30

Blood Pressure=90-105/55-70

3-6 years: Heart rate=65-110bpm

Respiratory rate=20-30

Blood Pressure=95-110/60-75

6-12 years: Heart Rate=60-95bpm

Respiratory rate=14-22

Blood pressure=100-120/60-75

12-18 years: Heart Rate=55-85

Respiratory rate=12-18

Blood Pressure= 110-135/65-85

Heart rate: 50-100 beats per minute, depending on physical age and conditioning.

Respiratory rate: 12 breaths per minute

Blood Pressure: 120/80mmHg but this is seen to rise as people get older due to increased arterial resistance.