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Q: What are north America's big five game animals?
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What are the small five African game animals?

animals (fake) that they play with (I am not shore if this is the right answer)

Why is the big five a big deal?

'The Big Five" is a human ego-trip. Kill the five biggest game animals and you're a REAL hunter...

How did the first people in America get to America?

The first people who came to the Americas were the people of Mesopotamia and they came here when following the Big Game Animals.

How did Native American find America?

They did not "find America", since Asia and the Americas were effectively one continuous land mass. They had no maps, no atlases, no Google Earth and no concept of different continents; they simply followed moving herds of game animals and gradually populated the Americas without ever realising it. For them it was the same as moving across the vast empty tundra of north-east Asia.

What are the five big game animals of Africa?

Lion, leopard, black rhino, elephant, cape buffalo.

What species of animals are included in the big five?

African game hunters have referenced the most prized game as The Big Five. This group includes the lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros.

Does the arcade game Americas Army instruct you to memorize the Declaration of Independence?

Yes, the arcade game Americas Army does instruct you to memorize the Declaration of Independence.

Which country won the 1996 olympic game?

The Americas

What is Americas largest game bird?

the wild turkey.

Is it illegal to hold a bingo game more than five hours in North Carolina?

Yes it is illegal, and why would you want to play bingo for five hours straight anyway!

What is a five letter word for game?

A five letter word for a game is "match."

What are the big five of Asia game animals?

goo goo ga ga oooh ooh a a a monkey d mokey do tickley tickles

Free army online game?

My brother plays this game called Americas army you do have to download it but it is free.

Which country created the game Five Stones?

Five Stones is a traditional Indian game.

Where did squash originate?

Squash the plant originated in the Americas. Squash the game originated from the game of tennis in Great Britain.

where is the best place to go in North Dakota?

When visiting North Dakota, you should hunt for big game animals and enjoy the nature scenes. Go on a hiking adventure to discover the Lois and Clark trail.

What do you call animals that are hunted for food?

"Game" animals.

How did baseball become Americas past time?

It evolved from a British game of rounders

Is playing a game for five minutes playing the game?


What are the animals that are used in the Goldminer game?

The animals used in the Gold Miner game are lions ans doves.

Which animals in South Africa are known as the 'Big Five'?

The lion The leopard The elephant The water buffalo The rhinoceros The "Big Five" are a collection of animals so named in South Africa, by game hunters. They were chosen because of their difficulty to hunt on foot, not actual size, which explains why the Leopard is one of them, while the Hippopotamus is not.

What is the breed of dog in Game of Thrones?

The breed of dog that is owned by the Stark children is a Direwolf.

What game which evolved from the English game of rounders became Americas most popular sport during the late 19th century?


How do you beat five rivals in a fight on the game sorority life?

How can I beat five rivals in a fight on the game sorority life?"

How many different hands can you get in a five card poker game?

you can get 2,598,960 possible combinations in a five card poker game