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What are ocean decomposers?

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What are the decomposers in the ocean?

what are some decomposers in the ocean

Are they any ocean decomposers?

Yes, there are many ocean decomposers including benthic worms and bacteria.

What do decomposers in the ocean do?

Decomposers in the ocean usually eat dead animals or plants in order to stay alive and healthy.

What are decomposers in a pond?

producers at ocean

List of decomposers in the ocean?


What are some decomposers in the Pacific Ocean?

Some decomposers in the Pacific Ocean consist of animals who break down or eat decaying material.

What are some ocean decomposers?

a living thing

What kinds of decomposers are in the ocean?

marine worms

Are Pacific Ocean hagfish decomposers?

Yes they are.

What animals are decomposers in the ocean?

There are a number of animals that are decomposers in the ocean. Some of these include seaweed, crabs, sea urchins, starfish, as well as some fish.

Are seals decomposers?

Seals are not decomposers but consumers. They feed on small fish in the sea or ocean. Decomposers are the ones that feed of dead decaying matter.

What are the Arctic Ocean decomposers?

Crabs are a good example of decomposers because, they break down other animals

What are some sea decomposers?

Sea decomposers break down organic material in the ocean. These sea decomposers include crabs, sea urchins, shrimp, and seaweed.

Are archae decomposers?

Archae are decomposers that commonly feed on dead decaying organisms. They are often found at the bottom of the ocean floor.

What decomposers live in the ocean?

Usually starfish and sea urchins.

What are the decomposers of the Atlantic ocean?

Bacterium, Fungi, Marine Worms

What kind of decomposers live in the Indian ocean?

marine farts

What are examples of decomposers in the ocean?

bacteria, fungi, shrimps, worms etc. :]

What are the decomposers in the South Pacific Ocean?

sea slugs sea worms

What are some producers consumers and decomposers in an ocean?

Kelp,seaweed, and phitoplacktion

What are the pacific ocean decomposers?

Crabs, snails, worms, and sea urchins.

Ocean ecosystem-what are some decomposers that live here?

some decomposer that you could see in the pacific ocean are just the same with the decomposers in the other bodies of water, so it would also be bacterium and marine worms.

What are decomposers of the ocean?

A few decomposers of the ocean are: bacteria, fungus, marine worms, sea slugs, sea worms, brittle stars, etc. There's also Nassarius snails and Sand sifting Starfish. They eat Defrius out of the sand.

What decomposers are in the ocean?

Decomposers in the Ocean include, marine worms, bacteria and Marine Seaweed. Marine seaweed helps protect marine life. It's also important because all of these things help eat away the dead organisms.Decomposer are the organisms that break down the final remains of living things. Bacteria and fungi play an important role in freeing the last of the minerals and nutrients from organics and recycling them back into the food web.Hagfish, worms and other crap that floats in the sea are the decomposers of the ocean biome. Shrimp are decomposers too because like crabs, they take ocean waste, eat it and clean it up.

Decomposers that live in the ocean?

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