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What are online auctions?


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Online auctions are auctions on the internet, e.g., e-bay, where you bid online for items you want to buy. There are also a number of live auctions.

See related links section for links to some online auction sites.

Note: Ebay used to also host a live auction site but no longer offers this service directly. At the end of 2008, the eBay service (liveauctions) became inactive and was replaced by another live auction service. See the links section for the link to this new active site (liveauctioneers).


Related Questions is the source for online car auctions and parts auctions in America. If you visit this site, all the information you require will be available. and both feature online gun auctions. has thousands of live auctions containing guns, and many of these auctions allow online and/or absentee bidding. You might also try Gun Classifieds, you deal direct with the seller.

To find the best car auctions online one should visit car auction sites like Copart USA, Car Export & Used Auto Auction, Online Car Auctions and eBay. These sites all offer some of the best car auctions online.

Teletrade Certified Coin and Currency Auctions is an online auction that auctions coins and other currency to collectors and coin dealers. They have several online auctions per week.See the related links section for a link to this site.

The places to find real estate auctions online are many. Some of the more popular choices include: MSN Real Estate, Hubzu, eBay, Auctions Online and many more.

You can find great auctions for farm equipment at

Online car auctions can be found on sites such as eBay, Auto Trader and Copart Auctions. Many local and state governments also offer information on auctions of automobiles seized buy Police, Sheriff, DHS and other government agencies.

In online auctions you bid on a product and depending on how many buyers are bidding the higher the price is raised but with online shopping once you check out to buy the product is your's. There is no bidding involved.

Classified usually have a fixed price while the online auctions is usually based on the number of buyers who want to buy the item.

There are several websites with online jewelry auctions. Jewelry Room has a long history and an A+ rating from the BBB. Other websites are Bidz, Ubid, and Property Room.

Yes, there are many online auctions for new and used tractors! Start by going to and selecting your city, then search for "tractor", it's that easy!

Check the BLM website for auction dates, they also have online auctions as well.

Gunshops, private sellers, online auctions.

Check out eBay motors.

I like to go to eBay for online auctions. While there is never a guarantee that sellers are honest people, eBay does have a good policy that will get your money refunded if you are ripped off.

Authentic NBA jerseys can be auctions online. Online, the best site to set up an auction for sports memorabilia is on eBay. Additionally, sites that specialize in sports memorabilia auctions include Grey Flannel Auctions and Bonhams 1793.

Gun auctions can be found from many different resources. Online, some of the best resources for finding gun auctions include the websites GunBroker and Calguns.

You can find information about foreclosure auctions online by visiting

These sell for about $2 in online auctions.

Online Penny Auctions work by harnessing the power of individuals all betting for the same item. In a traditional online auction, the bidder pays nothing unless he/she wins that auction. Conversely, in Online Penny Auctions, every bid costs a predetermined amount. For example, an online penny auction might sell bids at $1/bid, and therefore raises money on people betting on items for sale through their website. These auctions are call "Penny Auctions" because each bid raises the final price of that item only $.01. Thus, the winner of said auction can get the item at an incredible discount, where the other bidders lose-out. This has been argued to be gambling, and for all intents and purposes can be seen in a similar light, but in many online auctions you can buy the item outright, and so these auctions often refer to their business as "Competitive Shopping."

First you could use the Web to buy books. Now your computer's "return" key has become your bidding paddle for real-estate auctions, too. An increasing number of Americans just like you are finding opportunities in the world of online foreclosure auctions.

You can get information on car auctions in London online. Often they are also posted in public notices in newspapers so also check there. Try to find multiple car auctions for the best results.

One can auction Buzz Lightyear toys at a variety of online auctions, but if interested in local auctions look in the local newspapers to see if their are any toy auctions going on locally. has a comprehensive list of government auctions, though local government auctions are not included, only federal. You will have to talk to your local municipality or police station to find out about local government auctions.

You can find great deals on cars at auto auctions or online auctions, like You can also check or

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