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What are opinions on photo laser versus ink jet printers?

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well, I think that laser print is better because the printing comes out crisper and clearer Laser print lasts longer, looks better and won't smear if it gets wet. Laser printers are faster than inkjets, and toner has fewer noxious chemicals in it than ink does. The drawbacks all have dollar signs in front of them--the machine is more expensive, and the toner cartridges cost more money. (You come out ahead with the toner, tho, because a set of cartridges lasts longer than a set of inkjet cartridges.)

2009-01-11 02:11:38
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Which types of printers is suitable for color photo printing?

Printers that are suitable for color photo printing are laser printers, laser color printers, ink-jet printers, and solid ink printers. Laser printers operate by beaming a laser on a drum to create the image, and ink-jet printers work by spraying ionized ink onto a paper.

What are some good laser printers for producing photo quality images?

There is a very large market for laser printers. The top brands that are good for producing photo quality images are Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, and Lexmark.

What are the main functions found on most multifunction laser printers?

"The main functions found on most multifunction laser printers include color print option, scanner, copier, color copier, and even photo print options."

Difference between ink jet photo paper and laser photo paper?

Laser printer photo paper vs. inkjet photo paper.Laser printer photo paper and inkjet photo paper are two very different products. Laser printer technology is different from inkjet technology; it requires a paper able to withstand the high heat that literally melts the ink onto the paper. Regular inkjet photo paper melts in laser printers, as the finish is not designed to endure the high heat process of laser photo printing. Because of the different technologies involved, more manufacturers offer inkjet photo paper and it tends to be less expensive than laser printer photo paper.This is an excerpt copied from

Do hp inkjet printers offer better print quality than laser printers?

Print quality is dependent, to a high degree, on paper choice. Inkjet printers offer higher quality prints than laser printers because they use "photo quality" inks and can print on coated paper. Laser jets have improved and offer similar text and graphic quality on plain paper.

Printing Photos at Home?

Laser printers are not made to print quality photos. This is because the colors in powder form do not blend as well as the liquid color in inkjet cartridges. You also can't use photo paper in laser printers because the printer will melt it.

What are the advantages of using a Laser Printer over other types of printers?

Laser printers are fast, fairly quiet (less noisy than dot matrix printers) and produce clean looking, durable output. Laser printers can suck preprinted forms from one tray and intersperse output with colored sheets from other trays. Some laser printers even allow for duplex printing. The manual tray makes it easy to print envelope addresses. Color laser printers have been developed in recent years, though for photo quality work ink jet printers remain preferrable. The cost of laser printer toner cartridges, however, is much higher than that of ink jet cartridges or dot matrix ribbons. Also, ink jets can print on heavier card stock than most laser printers will support. This may be because the ink jet manual paper path does not curve over a heated drum, as does the path of laser printers. One minor advantage of dot matrix and other impact printers over laser printers is that of duplicate forms. The reason this is minor is because laser printers can typically print two forms in less time than most high quality dot matrix printers can print one.

Is it worth buying a printer to get a discount on a computer?

It is worth buying the printer if you get a discount on the computer you are about to purchase. Some printers range from photo printers to inkjet and laser printers. To get printer coupon deals, visit You can get up to 76% off the printer and toner.

Are Kodak photo printers superior to HP photo printers?

They are not. HP Photo printers, mostly because the company is much larger and they make a wider range of products, and because they innovate and come out with more printers faster. As a result, HP tends to have better quality printers.

What is the best machine for photo printing?

Personally any laser printer with great reviews on the internet tend to be the best machine for photo printing. If you go on it lists all the best home printers.

What is a good place to rent Canon photo printers in the UK?

A good place to rent Canon photo printers in the UK is the official Canon website that allows you to rent Canon photo printers. There are also other businesses that rent Canon photo printers but as most of them are local it's not that convenient.

What printers are compatible for canon photo paper?

"Canon photo paper can be used on many printers, especially photo printers. Check your printer for what size paper it uses before trying to print with any paper."

Do photo printers use normal ink cartridges?

Photo inkjet printers use a specially formulated ink that is specific to the texture and thickness of photo paper. It is possible for photo printers to print normally using these same cartridges on regular paper, as some printers only take one type of cartridge to begin with.

What makes of wireless photo printers are available to purchase on the internet?

You can find many types of photo printers at bestbuy. You can find macs and hp printers there. The hp printers are really good to buy but are very expensive.

Why dot matrix printer are not used now a days?

Inkjets and Laser printers can print pictures, graphs, etc, much better not to mention they have a much wider color palette to pick from. And modern printers can now print photo accurate pictures.

Do all photo printers have to be used with a computer?


Are photo printers worth the extra money?

If you not going to use it for photo printing then why buy a photo printer. It depends on if you print photos or not. Cheaper printers print just as good pictures as a expensive one. Check out staples they have really good printers for the less.

What is the best quality and most affordable portable photo printer?

There are a lot of best quality and most affordable photo printers,but there is one that is top of the line and that is dell,it has one of the best portable photo printers made by printers,it's not big and it's easy to use

What is a photo taken with laser light?

A photo taken with a laser light is called a hologram. A hologram is a special kind of photograph that is produced by a laser and appears three-dimensional.

What are the best photo printers on the market?

Epson and Cannon are two excellent brands for photo printers. When purchasing a photo printer be sure and take into account the quality of the pictures you want and how often you will be printing photos.

Are photo printers a good printer to use when printer from a SD card?

Yes, modern photo printers are very easy to use; they operate just like regular printers, but use higher quality paper. And more often than not, these photo printers have slots available to insert SD cards to print photos directly from the card.

What are the advantages of corona loss?

-it prevents conductor from electrical surges -it increases virtual diameter hence conductor can carry more current -corona discharge is used in photo copier and laser printers

What colors can be printed with a color laserjet?

"Colour Laser Jet Printers are perfect for photo printing, and large printing orders. They are capable of printing absolutely any colour needed for printer jobs."

What are the best photo printers on the market today?

The Epson company makes amazing photo printers. From quick prints to long lasting archival prints Epson's line of inks, printers and paper will suite the needs of any shutterbugs.

Is HP a good brand of photo printer?

There are several brands of photo printers that all do a good job printing photos. However HP is among one of the best printers there is out there to have.