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What are opinions on the best iPods?

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What the best iPods are depends on what you are looking for. If you have a vast music interest and have thousands of songs that you would love to have all in the one place then you can't get much better than the iPod classic which can come with 80GB or 160Gb of memory. If you want something small, simple and affordable then the iPod shuffle is great. If you want something small with extra functionality such as pictures and videos then the iPod nano is the one for you. iPod now also have the iPod touch which is brilliant in terms of high end technology. Flip through your songs, photos etc all by touching your screen. You can also browse the internet and store notes and contacts. So if you like to stay at the front in terms of technology then the iPod touch is the one for you.

iPods are Apple computers' answer to the MP3 player. It has integrated software (iTunes) which supposedly make it work better. They are slim, light, and have a very high "Cool!" factor. Apple computers, for all of their efforts have never managed more than 10 percent of the market, being mostly used for graphics-based or multimedia applications. However...since the popularity of the iPod, Apple has tried to cash in and make buyers think that it can only be used on Apple computers. Wrong! I have been told that, when attempting to transfer files from a second PC, all of the iPods files were deleted. So iPod might be best for you, but there are dozens of other MP3 players out there, some with larger song capacity, some with video screens, etc. When I am shopping online for electronics, I start at,, and for printer ink i use Always the best prices. And search after you find a model you like.

2008-01-31 23:19:51
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Q: What are opinions on the best iPods?
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