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Here are different opinions. Yes, Bush Deceived AmericansGeorge W Bush is the worst president ever because he deceived us or because he needlessly caused death and injury to thousands of American soldiers and many thousands of innocent Iraqi's. No, Bush Did Not Deceive Americans If he deceived us, then he also deceived every other nation that was gathering intelligence on Iraq. He also must have deceived former President Clinton as well as the former intelligence community and, while we're at it, he must have also deceived Saddam, who had instructed his military to use those weapons against any military force that attempted to overthrow the former president of Iraq. Sadam had used such weapons before, against his own people, against the people of Iran, and use scud missiles against Israel. After WWII, when Hitler had killed so many Jews, people were irate that the United States had not stopped the bloodshed. Now, President Bush has done something to stop a madman from killing innocents. Saddam has already attacked a peaceful neighboring nation. After he was defeated in Desert Storm, Saddam attempted to assassinate President Bush I. Prior to September 11, Hillary, Kennedy, Kerry and most of the U.S. Congress agreed that there was a desperate need for "Regime Change". Now that President Bush has actually done that, the same people that originally agreed with getting rid of Saddam are upset that they didn't get to do it. Now they've all turned against Bush. It's interesting that the success in Afghanistan is never mentioned by the leftist media. Democrats want to get back into power and are willing to throw mud to get there. The old political saying still holds true. Throw enough mud and eventually, some of it will stick.

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Q: What are opinions on whether George W. Bush deceived the American public?
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