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Harry Potter by far. when i was a little kid i had the chamber of secrets on video and the amount of times i watched it you wouldn't know that it still worked. i didn't get to see the others until i was older but the one i have i knew every word

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Which one is better percyjackson or harry poter?

In my opinion, Harry Potter; but people have lots of different opinions.

Is Harry Potter better than Merlin?

Everybody has different opinions, some people will prefer Harry Potter and others will prefer Merlin.

Which movie is better Harry Potter or transformers?

It IS Harry Potter, especially since many people think it might be a TRUE story. Also it got more ratings...

Is Harry Potter the best or is Doctor Who the best?

Everybody will have different opinions. Some like Harry Potter better some like Dr Who better. It is possible to like both as they are very different things.

What is better Harry Potter or hsm?

harry potter

Is tron legacy or Harry Potter better?

Harry Potter is way better.

Who survived in transformers 3 dark of moon?

harry potter

Harry Potter vs fairly tales?


What's better charmed or Harry Potter?

Harry Potter

Which series is better Harry Potter or Catching Fire?

Catching Fire isn't a series, it is the second book in the Hunger Games series.Each person will have different opinions.Harry Potter!Both Harry Potter and the Hunger Games are amazing books and are very different.

What are some opinions on 'Harry Potter'?

Harry Potter is a wonderful series which explores love, hate, death and fighting good over evil. The books are better than the movies but the movies are enjoyable.

Is wizard101 better than Harry Potter?

Harry Potter is much better... but that's my opinon

Whats the best Harry Potter book?

If you ask me I love Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Quidditch through the ages

Who is better Malfoy or Potter?

Harry Potter!

Professional opinions about Harry Potter?

Search Google for Stephen King's "Last word on Harry Potter". He wrote a wonderful article on it.

Which audiobook is better Harry Potter 2 or Harry Potter 3?

i say 3 is much better

Harry Potter is the best book and movie series for all of eternity?

Everybody has different opinions. Personally I love Harry Potter but my best friends all hate it. Some people might like Harry Potter but think something like Twilight is better. This is not a question so you won't get an answer.

What book series is better Harry Potter Series or Pendragon Series?

Harry Potter

Is Harry Potter 6 the game better than Harry Potter 5?


Will there be a Lego transformers video game?

no but i hear they are coming out with another harry potter one

What movie was better Harry Potter 6 or new moon?

The Twilight movies will always be better then the Harry Potter movies.

Do you like the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

it's others peoples opinions on if they like or not like Harry Potter. I am a fan but not a big fan.

Witch is best twilight or Harry Potter?

Answer: Harry Potter.Answer: Different people will have different opinions on the subject; I suggest you read both and decide for yourself.

How good is Twilight to a Harry Potter fan?

Being a Harry Potter doesn't have any effect on how much you like Twilight. Everybody has different opinions.

Is Daniel Radcliffe good in the Harry Potter films?

Everybody will have different opinions:Yes. He is wonderful. There couldn't have been a better "Harry".Personally, I don't like his acting skills that much.

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