What are other people's opinions on A Christmas Carol?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: What are other people's opinions on A Christmas Carol?
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How do you perform a pawnbroker in 'A Christmas Carol'?

how do you perform a pawnbroker in Christmas carol', should it be with a Jewish accent or other?

Do other peoples opinions matter?

yes they matter because peoplematter and so do there opinions

What year was the other for A Christmas Carol born on?

This was only one A christmas Carol and this was written between September and late November 1843

What is the atmosphere to A Christmas Carol?

In a Christmas carol it is bleak

What is Scrooges' greatest virtue at the end of 'A Christmas Carol'?

That from now on, he celebrated Christmas like no other.

Which Christmas movie has been played more that any other?

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

What book has been made into more Christmas movies and specials than any other?

A Christmas Carol

What major event was occurring when Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol?

There were a lot of major things happening when Charles dickens wrote the Christmas carol. There really was this old guy who did not like Christmas and he got the idea of writing the Christmas carol idk where he got the name but i know the other part for a fact.

How are the Industrial Revolution and A Christmas Carol alike?

I wouldn't say they are alike, but one is the background of the other one. "Christmas Carol" is set against the first decades of the Victorian Era, when the industrial revolution was in full swing.

What year did A Christmas Carol come on to cinemas?

A Christmas Carol has been available in movie form since the 1901. It has been made over 20 times, and there are other television versions.

Why are there so many questions on here?

so people can find out answers from other peoples opinions

What does opinion mean?

Feeling very strongly about your or other peoples opinions.