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Name other precious rocks? Name other precious rocks?

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How many precious rocks and minerals magazine is in the collection?

How many magazines in the precious rocks and minerals

Why are some rocks and minerals more special than other rocks?

because it has some precious value s compare to the oters metals

What objects come from rocks?

if the rock contains an ore, then metal. diamonds, gold, other precious stones / minerals.

Is a diamond precious or semi precious?

Diamonds used in jewelry are Precious. other diamonds are not even semi-precious

What precious stones did not come from rock?

All precious stones come from rocks, but pearls are formed by oysters. Synthetic gemstones are made in factories.

How many issues to precious rocks gems and minerals?

There are 80 issues for about $11.00.

What rock is number 5 for precious rocks gems and minerals?

blue agate

What are the most valuable rocks?

== == The most valuable rocks would be those partly comprised of the most valuable minerals such as gold, silver, and precious gemstones.

Are meteorites precious?

Precious as they have come from space, yes, but minerally, likely not, as it's not like your run of the mill meteorite will have any special composition not found in earth rocks.

What rocks are used to build Taj Mahal?

Marble was the main building material, but other precious stones such as jade, lapis lazuli and sapphires were also used in small quantities.

Are volcanoes important in the formation of rocks?

because if we don't have volcanoes we all wouldn't have precious gems

What is a mining pick used for?

to mine metal ore or precious stones such as diamonds or rubies from rocks

Can metamorphic rocks form from other metamorphic rocks?

Yes, metamorphic rocks can form from other metamorphic rocks.

What are four uses for rocks?

vitamins, precious stones(for jewelry), building materials, also rock collections

How do you obtain moonstone in real life?

A moonstone is a semi-precious stone of feldspar. Not to be confused with lunar rocks.

What is the process by which rocks form and change into other rocks?

Rocks that form and change into other rocks is called the rock cycle.

What has the author Steven M Hoffman written?

Steven M. Hoffman has written: 'Gems, crystals, and precious rocks' -- subject(s): Gems, Crystals, Precious stones, Juvenile literature

What does silver ore look like?

Silver ore takes on the appearance of hardened metallic rocks. The rocks are usually harvested and refines in order to extract the precious metals.

What precious gemstone does Southern Africa produce?

The most commonly known are diamonds, but there are other precious and semi-precious gemstone mines in Southern Africa.

Is the pumice precious or semi precious?

Pumice is neither. It is not a gem stone nor a precious stone. It is often used to clean toilets and other objects.

What gemstones are considered precious stones?

any stone which is beautiful and rare can be considered precious. Although a stone does not have to be rare to be a precious stone, such as a diamond is by no means rare but is about the most valuable of the precious stones. Others are Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds. Most other gemstones are semi-precious.

What rocks are formed by the effect of heat and pressure on other rocks?

the metamorphic rocks are formed by heat and extreme pressure from other rocks

What are rocks formed from the sediments of other rocks?

Sedimentary rocks.

Can people make money off of rocks?

People can make money from rocks, but they are not as valuable as minerals. Many people tend to confuse the two. A rock is a common stone such as limestone, sandstone, marble, granite, and slate. These materials are more commonly used as building or "facing" materials. Minerals consist of such stones as quartz and its other cryptocrystalline forms such as agates, Carnelian, and Jaspers. These, along with many other types of stones, are all called 'Semi-precious' gems. Then, there are the stones like Rubies, Garnets, Amethysts, Emeralds, and, of course, diamonds. These are considered to be 'precious' gemstones. So, yes, a person could be a construction worker or mason, and make a lot of money by using 'rocks' as building materials, but it's better to be a "Gemologist" and make tons of money from what are known as "semi-precious" and "precious" jewels.

Rocks such as sandstone which are formed from particles of other rocks are?

Sedimentary rocks.

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