What are otters favorite food?


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The otters favourite food is sea urchins.

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otters get there food buy cach it

what kind of food do otters eat

Otters are nocturnal and spend their evenings searching for food

the food producation is fish

As others have written, killer whales and sharks are the biggest threat to sea otters of all sizes if they are in the ocean. The younger sea otters can also be attacked on the water surface by bald eagles. While on land, all sea otters may be eaten by bears and possibly even coyotes.

Otters do extremely well in captivity. Zoos look after otters by giving them food and keeping them safe from their natural predators. In captivity, otters can live between 20 and 25 years.

Otters catch food with their clawed paws. They eat mostly fish, crabs, and crawfish, but also frogs and smaller mammals.

river otters live in lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks and most wet places. Thanks for asking now you got a answer have fun studying river otters my favorite animal

it uses its small tail and ugly teeth to get their food

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Shell fish , crab, and snails.

otters swim in the water to find food and hide from other animals such as sharks,and other bigger sea creatures

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The giant otters predators are the jaguar and cougars.Young otters may be vulnerable to such predators as foxes, wolves, and raptors.Sea otters may be consumed by killer whales, among others.Any animals higher in the food chain are otters' enemies, even man.

Food, water, homes, and territory.

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her favorite food is meat because it is a raptors favorite food.

Sea otters can eat the following -mussels -calms -fish and other small animals that can fit in their mouth.

Otters find food underwater by feel. They use their hands to scrounge for crabs, clams, and other shellfish.

It is impossible to prove that absolutely NOBODY eats otters, but in a majority of areas otters aren't used as food. It's actually illegal to even disturb them in nature preserves.

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starfish, clams, and mussels

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