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Motors that are mounted on the outside of a boat. The engine, gearcase, and propeller are mounted in a single case attached to the outside of the hull. Outboard motors range in size from 3 to 300 horsepower.

An inboard motor is mounted inside the hull, with a propeller shaft protruding through the hull.

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Q: What are outboard motors?
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Where are outboard motors for sale?

Outboard motors can be purchased from online stores such as BoatsandOutboards, Outboards4Sale and BoatMotors. Outboard motors can also be purchased from eBay.

When was Evinrude Outboard Motors created?

Evinrude Outboard Motors was created in 1907.

Where can one find reviews on Chrysler outboard motors?

You can find customer reviews/ratings for Chrysler outboard motors on the Marine Engine website. Amazon also offers customer reviews on Chrysler outboard motors.

Who made JCPenney outboard motors?


Does SIC 3699 cover establishments making electric outboard motors for boats?

It includes establishments making electric outboard motors for boats

Are Johnson outboard motors aluminum?

Johnson Outboard motors are made of cast aluminum with steel shafts and gears. Later models will have plastic cowls.

What wold you use a Tohatsu Outboard for?

A Tohatsu is a brand of outboard motor. These motors are used on small boats as a method of propulsion. They are called "outboard" motors because they hang off the back end of the boat.

Where are the cheapest outboard boat motors?

In the junk yard

What is the right fuel mix for a 2 stroke outboard motor?

99% of the outboard motors need 50:1

Where can one learn more about Yamaha Outboard Motors?

You can find information about Yamaha Outboard Motors online at the official website of Yamaha Outboards, Yamaha Motor Canada, Yamaha Motor Europe and Wikipedia.

What year was Johnson outboard motors 50th anniversary?


What EFI means on outboard motors?

Electronic Fuel Injection

How much do outboard motors cost?

The prices for outboard motors can vary from a few hundred bucks to up to $20,000. There are alot of possibilities to choose from such as: Honda, Mercury, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Yamaha, etc.. These are some of the bigger companies that sell outboard motors. If you want a good one, it is most certainly advisable to buy one of these brands. Of course, you will pay accordingly.

Is sears 3.5 gamefisher outboard engine air or water cooled?

Most outboard boat motors are water cooled to my knowledge

What has the author William F Rhorer written?

William F. Rhorer has written: 'Trolling motors' -- subject(s): Electric motors, Outboard motors

What has the author Lawrence N Kuzminski written?

Lawrence N. Kuzminski has written: 'Interaction of outboard motors with the aquatic environment: causative factors and effects' -- subject(s): Outboard motors, Pollution, Water

What stethoscope is best for nursing?

The one not listed under outboard motors.

Where can one find Johnson Outboard motor parts?

One can find parts for Johnson Outboard motors at any retailer that supplies the motors. One may also find parts in stores that sell hunting and fishing equipment.

How do I compare the horsepower ratings of inboard vs. outboard motors - is one kind more powerful?

Inboard engines are quieter and are normally more powerful than outboard motors. Outboards are normally less exspensive and easier to maintain.

Where may a person purchase a Yamaha outboard motor?

Look for adverts at your local boatyard. People selling secondhand motors will also advertise in trade magazines. Retail shops in coastal towns and cities will have brand new outboard motors.

Where have 2 stroke outboard motors been outlawed?

they have beeen outlawed to weinerville

Where can I purchase affordable outboard motors?

There really are no inexpensive new outboard motors. However, if you feel comfortable with either used or refurbished, you might be able to find a deal. Particularly, try sites like your local Craigslist or eBay to source products.

What are all the different sizes of Outboard boat motors?

Outboard boat motors come in a variety of sizes and are measured in horsepower. The smallest, used to power very small craft are rated at under 5 HP while the largest are 300 HP and above.

What year motor is considered a late model for mercury outboard boat motors?


How old is a Johnson outboard motor serial number G-03931375?

Johnson and Evinrude outboard motors use the engine "model" number to determine the year model.