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It could be a form of Psoriasis or Eczema,(or just problematic skin) that gets activated by stress or high levels of hormones. Also When you say "painful" do you mean it's sensitive to touch? Hurts all the time? Itches? This could help determinate what it is. You see the skin actually has 7 layers Epidermis (with 4 sub-layers), Dermis, and the Succubus, it's not just the skin you see on top. Thus the problem exists beneath the seven layers. You need a product that will (be trans-dermal) penetrate the 7 layers of skin, work from the bottom up to repair the damaged cells,put the moisture back and restore balance to the skin. The skin needs have a product with no added fragrance, parabens (unnatural preservative), dyes and colorants. Also when you have dry skin it usually is accompanied by itching. The reason is because when the skin is dry the skin cells tighten and produce and itching sensation.

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Q: What are painful red bumps on the face that look like acne but are filled with clear liquid?
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