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Two piercing on one side of the bottom lip

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โˆ™ 2011-06-16 13:36:32
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Q: What are panda bites piercing?
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Is it safe to get vampire bites piercing?

Piercing Yes, Vampire Bites are not so safe. Depends on where they bite you...

What is a scene piercing?

snake bites :D

What is the term use for a lip piercing?

It called a Labret piercing, with the variants of Madonna, Medusa and Monroe or the always popular snake bites or viper bites.

Do panda bite humans?

Everything bites humans.

What is the difference between snake bite spider bite and angel bite piercings?

Spider bites are two piercings on one side. Snake bites are one piercing on the left and one piercing on the right (both are on bottom lip). Angel bites are one piercing on the left Nd one piercing on the right (both are on the top lip).

What kind of lip piercing does chris drew have?

he has spider bites.

What is a double snake bite lip piercing called two on the left bottom lip and two on the right?

There are two names for this kind of piercing. one side can be called viper bites or spider bites, but both sides is known as shark bites (:

Do you have to keep on cleaning your snake bites piercing even after its healed?

y, n

What is christofer drew's piercing?

He has gauges in his ears and And one set of spider bites on his lip

How old do you have to be to get a snake bites piercing in Florida?

I think it's either 16 or 18+

Does christofer drew have two lip piercings?

Kinda. It's a type of piercing called a spider bite, which are similar to the type of piercing called snake bites. They're cute though, no? ------------------------------------------------ I think they're totally cute! Can he take them out or something? :O :D Yes, he has spider bites but spider bites arn't like snake bites. snake bites are two lip piercings one on the right side and one on the left side and are close to the sides of your lip. spider bites are two piercing about a cm or two apart. spider bites are close to one side of your mouth instead of both sides

What is a bear trap piercing?

It's the combination of the Angel bites (double upper lip) piercings and Snake bites (double lower lip) piercings.

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