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Q: What are peg kehrets parents first name?
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What is peg kehrets first name?

Peg Kehret's first name is, just said it.

What is peg kehrets maiden name?

Peg Schulze

What is peg kehrets husbands name?


What is peg kehrets full name?

Peh Schulze Kehret

Peg kehrets first book was .....?

Vows of Love and Marriage

What is peg Kehrets brothers name?

Peg Kehret's brothers name is Art its says it in the book Small Step the year i got polio

Who is peg kehrets husband?

Peg Kehret's husband is Carl.

What year did peg kehrets husband die in?


What is peg kehrets address?

1234 FML st. SIRYA , MARS

Who are the members of peg kehrets family?

people who love and care about you are family.

What is a quote from peg kehrets cages?

If you can't go out the door climb out a window

What were Peg Kehrets polio treatments?

The Sister Kenny Treatment, Hot packs, Hot Baths,and Physical Therapy.

What is the Genre of peg kehrets book stolen children?

The genre of this book is mystery because you cannot predict what will happen next

What are Peg Kehret parents name?

Beth and Bob Schulze

What is the name of the Peg Sharian homeworld?

Peg Shar I.

What is the birth name of Peg Phillips?

Peg Phillips's birth name is Margaret Linton.

What is the birth name of Peg Entwistle?

Peg Entwistle's birth name is Millicent Lilian Entwistle.

What was peg kehret's first book?

Peg Kehret's first book was Vows of Love and Marriage

What is the birth name of Peg Leg Bates?

Peg Leg Bates's birth name is Clayton Bates.

What is the birth name of Peg La Centra?

Peg La Centra's birth name is La Centra, Margherita Maria Francesca.

How many brothers did peg kehret have?

Peg Kehret had 1 brother. Her brother's name is Art.

Who was peter sellers' parents?

Agnes (often known as Peg) and Bill Sellers

Name of golf peg?

A tee.

What is another name for peggy?


What is peg kehret's dog's name?